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So I just finished watching all of Baccano in one sitting. Just have to say, best characters evar.
truth, and good on you for watching baccano
Indeed,too bad it's not well known
I dropped it after the first episode and rewatched gurren lagann,shitty animu is something i prefer not partaking in.
I actually did pretty much the same thing. I watched the first three episodes a few months back, but stopped because it lost me, but it gets more coherent as the show goes on. Also, AIZAAKU! MIRIA! AIZAAKU! MIRIA!
>too bad it's not well known

Outside of /a/, it's really not.

bad troll
Yes it is.
Maybe you should actually GO somewhere besides /a/ before you make such a stupid statement.
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I do go other places. I've never seen anyone mention Baccano outside of /a/.
Then again, I don't go to any anime-focused places other than /a/.

Su yar, these dozen-or-so episode shows are killing me. It's awesome that I can watch an entire series in one sitting without going sleep deprived, but zOmg, I hungerz for more D:
And Moyashimon is trying to awaken my inner shipper. I was able to hold out through Avatar while everyone around me decided they need to ship anything from Katara and Zuko to Iroh and Toph, but argh! Moyashimon makes me think of all kinds of delicious things. Like the irony of somehow Oikawa ending up with Kei. Would be so awesome.

Yay for derailing my own thread~

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