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If you've seen the original episodes of Evangelion *up to the meeting with asuka*,...

Then you're not missing anything at all!!!

It's a complete rehash of the origional *cept the animations MUCH BETTER!*

It's the ending and the upcoming second one where they re-do the story.
Dude... you forgot where Lilith fires first! How dare Anno change this bit of iconic history...
You forgot about Shinji not being em-

Oh wait.
I thought they were going to include bits of the manga that was made after the anime, in which case Shinji wasn't as emo. There's a reason everyone hates him, Anno. Give him a spine!
>** actions

Oh, didn't know I was in Gaia.
He realises more by himself, and in his own way is standing up to things. When he's not being a passive-aggressive dick.
I'm hoping for the Re-take ending.
It's like Pearl Harbor, you only watch that shit for the 30-min battle.

Manga was out couple of months before. Series was Anno's approach of the story, that's why Shinji is such a faggot there.

Being emo and cowering shortly after Ramiel shoot the bunker in the remake of Op. Yashima is not growing a spine.
While in the manga he did the obvious after the first try: changing sniping position.

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