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The princess moon is great literature!
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I'm more partial to Borderline of Emptiness.
welcome back ;_;
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Princess God is superior.
Do not cry.
It's even better as an anime. :3

I mean hypothetically of course.

since this is /a/, let's discuss the Tsukihime anime.

i for one found it to be enjoyable; it's slow pace and heavy emphasis on atmosphere made for a very enjoyable, introspective anime. the characters were fully realized, and the battle scenes were spectacular.
I can somehow convince myself that those are your honest opinion, if only you didn't mention this one,
>battle scenes were spectacular

At least talk about the music and OST, which is fucking WIN. Rinne no Hate ni is one of the best ED for animu ever.
lawl. while we're on the subject of osts...

tsukihime's (the visual novel's) ost is brutal. so brutal it makes your ears bleed.
The anime was awesome. It had this stream-of-consciousness thing going for it, and the rest didn't really need to be said, did it?
Seriously speaking, i actually DO consider Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai to be great stories. Maybe not LITERATURE per se, but great stories nevertheless.

I do not understand why shitty novels that keep bashing the dead horse of Dan Brown's copycats keep getting "best sellers" and huge prominent locations in bookstores, when their plot is just the same bullshit. Evil organization after some treasure/artifact and a historian/archealogist with AMAZING skills has to stop them!

I have yet to read anything that has a plot as interesting and grabs you completely like Tsukihime. All those english novels i keep buying, well, even though they are supposedly critically acclaimed, just dont measure up. I dont feel anything for those characters at all, most of the time the plot is predictable, and most importantly it doesnt grab you and you never have to use actual willpower to put the book down.
Huh? The OST was pretty good, and the Tsukibako version is fantastic.

Tsukihime Anime?

oh you silly anon and your jokes
Wait wait, Tsukihime is a novel? I knew about the PS2 games, Melty Blood, the animu, but theres books too? Or am I losing my mind?
I thought There Is No Tsukihime Anime was bannable.
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you're losing your mind.
I watched the anime before i even knew there was a game of it and i was really dissapointed. Music was top notched, but almost everything else was...fail.

The story by itself was decent, but the bits with Akiha in it didnt make any sense at all. It was like they threw it in to make the viewers think Akiha might be the vampire for like...one or two episodes. That part would have been better if it was developed into something further, other than "i have special powers and drink blood lulz".

Akiha's hair going red at the bridge was pretty cool, and the viewer thinks hes going to see Akiha pull out some major h4x...then she gets insta-defeated off screen.

And the exact same thing happened to Ciel, a vampire hunter who is apparently weak sauce.

It was like they ran out of budget and couldnt animate the fight scenes against Roa.

Then there was the art(man-faces on all the women...), and plot holes...Arcueid later tells Shiki shes this powerful vampire...which makes NO sense since she ran from Shiki yesterday, and hes just a normal human.

And Nero? Arcueid makes him out to be some major bad ass, and he takes out an entire hotel in no time. At the fight scene i was expecting some major epic fight lasting 2-3 EPs. Instead Nero just let loose a few dogs, then got stabbed once by Shiki and died.

And i couldnt understand what the deal with the sacchin love triangle was. Was the director trying to make us sympathize with her or try and create a romantic triangle sub-plot? Whatever it was, it didnt go anywhere, since all we get are hints that sacchin likes shiki, and...thats it, until the rooftop scene.

Really, I thought saying there was one was bannable.

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