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I just finished Code Geass.

What did you think of the ending?
oh okay
It wasn't a cliffhanger, like I expected.
I was pleased when they all died.
I liked the S1 ending, I've always had a thing for endings that leave you to speculate endlessly as to what happened, whether or not there is a second season in the works.

It is unfortunate that everything fell to shit once Lelouch left all his dudes though, one would think that they could have still had their shit together despite him leaving.
too bad they didn't actually die.
i think that they should have pulled it out as well. i can't imagine how they failed so hard without Zero, if they were going to win to begin with.
C.C. is mai waifu.
The final episode will consist of Lelouch and Suzaku joining forces against Schneizel who has killed the Emperor.

Then Lelouch and C.C. will ride a mech with two pilot seats, and that mech will gattai with Suzaku's Lancelot, Kallen's Gurren, Toudou's Gekka, Jeremiah's Siegfried, and a few of the Knight of Rounds Knightmare(not Mordred, because Pinky is gonna die somewhere earlier, together with Rollo and his Vincent.}.
The Ultimate KnightMare will be named Arthur(with the cat Arthur at Suzaku's side.)

Schneizel is going to reveal his greatest project. A KnightMare with the power to USE the power of The Realm of Gods named Gilgamesh.

The final battle will take place in Charles's Sword of Akasha.

Gilgamesh will release a barrage of MVS and a giant blast from a giant Hadron Cannon.
While Arthur will release every weapon of all of the original mechs weapon arsenal.
Halfway through the battle, Lancelot will release itself from Arthur to show an opening.
As Lancelot is being obliterated by the hail of swords, the remains of Arthur run towards Gilgamesh and releases Jeremiah, who has vowed to protect Lelouch, crashing Siegfried onto Gilgamesh, destroying both KnightMares and killing both pilots of the mechs.

The ending scene shows C.C. disintegrating, Lelouch's Geass fading and Nunnally standing up, running towards her beloved brother.
Heres what will happen.

Kallen will be killed in the second to last episode. C.C. will be missing and Lelouch will be all alone. Lelouch will then run off to the Imperial villa to confront his past. When he arrives, he will casually kick a grenade in the direction of the guards, killing them and setting into motion a great gun battle as he ascends through the Imperial villa toward the Sword of Akasha at its summit. On the final leg of his ascent, he will encounter his brother Schneizel who will unlock the final gate for him before being shot by the last remaining guards. He will tell Lelouch as he is dying that he was "waiting for him to come back and take over," and then expire. Lelouch will reach the Sword of Akasha as an explosion seals the passage behind him. Leaving him alone with Suzaku.

Suzaku, having assassinated the Emperor and taken his position, will be waiting for Lelouch, and the climatic final battle between two former best friends and comrades shall commence. In the end, it will come down to both of them tossing their disarmed weapons back at each other and shooting one another at the same instant. Suzaku dies instantly, and Lelouch has just enough time to contemplate his life before he too, dies on the steps of the Sword of Akasha.

Afterward Rollo walks casually to Lelouch's corpse and tells his dead "brother" that he "made a good clown," and that it was because "he talked so loud" that his actions were "so small." A smiling C.C. walks out of the shadows behind Rollo and looks at him with affection.

Most of it didn't make a damn bit of sense and the plot twist with Euphie was incredibly cheesy and heavy handed. Plus Nunnaly being kidnapped and Lelouch abandoning all his people to go save his one and only imoutou pissed me off.

However I still liked it. It delivered what I'd come to expect from Geass - unintentional humor, emo facial distortions and flashy action.

Although if I'd watched it when it aired I'd have been really pissed about the cliffhanger.

I suddenly can't stop seeing Kallen as Faye.

In the end, Suzaku is going to abandon Lancelot Z2, jump on Gawain, tear Lulu out of the hatch, and break all his teeth in one punch. It will be so hilarious, with Lelouch flopping around like the pansy bitch he is, while Suzaku goes to town on his face. Then, when Lelouch's face is no longer recognizable, he will start wimpering and begging forgiveness. At this point, Suzaku will throw him on the ground, bring him Nunnaly, and tell him to get his fucking priorities in order. Of course, Nunnaly will not want to go because she learned what kind of evil monster Lelouch is, and will want to stay by Suzaku's side, but Suzaku just smiles, opens her eyes with his fingers, and says "I'm sorry Nunnaly, it's unfair to leave you with such a person, but death is too good for the man who used to be your brother. He needs to atone, and I need you here to make sure he does it properly."

Afterwards, Lelouch goes into a paraplectic fit, and tears his own eyes out. He spends his final days as the legal adviser of an international charity for the disabled and mentally sick.

Suzaku of course goes on to become the beloved new governor of Japan, which was reinstated its position as an independent allied country of Britainia for his incredible valor and fortitude. Parents across the world will tell their kids about the story of Suzaku Kururugi, the man who stood against the grimmest of fates and, with hard work and his own two hands, saved a nation from damnation.

*Suzaku drank a coke*
And then a gunshot rings out.

In season 3 Charles and Lelouch are both mindwiped by Emperor Schneizel, and Suzaku arranges to have them sent to live a happy life out in some mountains with Rolo and Nunally.

Kallen forms a contract with CC because Schneizel is an even bigger dick than Charles.
File: 1209709020673.jpg (8 KB, 130x241)
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I'd watch it.
*Suzaku then proceeds to make sweet sweet tender love to Nunnally.*
File: 1209709100612.jpg (66 KB, 266x378)
66 KB

That affection better not be romance.
how many episodes of season 2 have been released yet? have any of them been subbed?
4, and 4.
where do i found subs?
bump for subs cuz im an /a/ noob.

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