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行なったWGIP(War Guilt Information Program)が、今では完全に国民の意識を洗脳してしまいました。広島の原爆


Why the hell would you add Tabasco sauce to perfectly good pasta? It's a travesty!
>>After the war, using GHQ which MacArthur leads, dominant layer of the world WGIP which was done vis-a-vis our country (War Guilt Information PROGRAM), now brainwashed the consciousness of the citizen completely. "Two degrees it does not repeat error", that it can put out the word which is confessed in side of the Hiroshima atomic bomb monument and also the fact that the て it is, just is the appearance. Just "being Japan the American way to set up war, because it does, all Japanese are badness or the っ being, it does also that you suffer with air raid and the atomic bomb,", that it seems like whether you have apologized of. With the purpose which tries the power of the new model bomb, voice of the criticism for America which dropped the atomic bomb into the city where population crowds with the mass communications is not completely heard even at today. It is recognized that it is controlled to power still. Furthermore at today, using the powerful media, worldwide dominant layer television, it is advancing the brainwashing control of the Japanese, they are the contents which the author has expressed in this book. That the people yearn to the brand commodity of Louis ヴィトン and Gucci etc., it analyzes that is, because in the べて dominant layer which is done it is worked. On center of the mass communications we would like to impress the fact that in the liver, the people who intend work the public like the そ are. The medium which by the way, most is operated most skillfully is NHK.

Babelfish is bad for you.

But, from what I can piece together, its a copypasta about how we are brainwashing the Japanese about the atomic bomb incident. And then it complains about our consumer culture and how its beginning to carry over.

Hey, Japs. Blame Russia, if they had decided not to sit on their ass and participate in an invasion, we would have had to use the damn thing.

wouldn't have*
I add hot sauce to everything I eat.
We didn't want the Soviets to invade. There would have been a split Japan if they did. In fact, that's one of the reasons we dropped it in the first place, because we didn't want to see the Soviet Socialist Republic of Hokkaido.
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Japan should be nuked twice over.
they were

It was.

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