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Hey /v/.
I'm a real life mangaka.
As of now.
I'm licensed by VIZ of America to draw a new, monthly 4 koma strip. It'll be in Shonen Jump America. It'll be done in pencil, but I can colour in one or two panals for the drug trip scenes. It's gonna be like Earthbound, mixed with the first Kingdom Hearts, only without the Disney, or the Final Fantasy, or cartoon character styles. The main character, named Shonen by the company starts out abandoned in a forest, at age eight. He meet a little girl, also eight in the forest. Skip ahead ten years and they are both deformed monsters by moonlight with mushrooms growing out of their heads. They go into different cities and kill people, and then the take a couple of people with them. These people are forced to come with them and subdue their evil forms when the moon is out. I don't wanna give to much away, but you meet a lot of crazy characters and many references to the 1950's to the 1990's.

I want your opinions before I send in my final story draft. Opinions?
Picture unrelated, maybe.
1st sage GET
>Hey /v/

Not /v/
Is this copypasta or srs bsns
get bent faggot
copy pasta

4-koma aren't supposed to have an actual plot anyway
obvious troll is obvious
Serious business.
And I'm sorry, I'm a little tripped out. Trying to brainstorm, if you know what I mean. But this was meant for /a/,.
So what? It's my first strip. And I'm gonna make it good, and it's all they would give me.
'Four panels, if you fuck up once, you're out.'
>two panals
I eagerly await this.
Two? No, four, man.

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