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Good time of day, Anonymous.

How are you today?

As for me, I'm feeling ronery.
Watching CCS episode 22. Downloading EVA, Simoun and Aria.
that pic makes me ronery...
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
Listening to The Fall OF Troy and watching Akagi
Depressed. Last night I cut my monitor cable, and the today I found another one, and now I'm back here. Exams in two weeks.
Do not mimic it me!!!!!
Fucking HnK pretending to be moralfags.
I wish I had her...

I'm feelin' alright. Finally had a pretty free day to do whatever.
Right, I'm going to sledgehammer my tower. I'm sorry everybody. ;_;
I'm fine. Just finished watching some anime. I nearly finished G1 in Mabinogi and about to play some Ragnarok 2. Thanks for asking!
Not feeling ronery at the moment. Ask again in a few hours.
I'm currently amused.
Playing Ever 17, finished Sora's route, now working on Sara's. Also downloading the whole of Hokuto no Ken.
I'm broke with crushing debt.

I need a loan to get into college next semester so that I don't lose my health insurance and get into even worse debt.

I don't have a job, went on several interviews, no callbacks.

Literally, I'm between a rock on a hard place and pressure is squeezing in fast.

I'm a 4channer.

Life is fantastic, and no I'm not being sarcastic. All tonight I'm goona relax, repeat tommorow!
Great day. I just did my last finals and I've got a whole 5 days off before I start summer session.
Well, nothing happened today but yesterday I had an appointment with a specialist and it turns out I've reversed my pre-diabetes.

It's really easy to give up soda and junk food if you think of it as every sip you take every bite you make = draining your life expectancy by 2-+ years.

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Currently trying to download full Nanoha StrikerS
looking for a job, still waiting on some interviews. Trying to figure out the most efficient way to study for finals. Also plan to start lifting again sometime soon. weather's good.

I'm currently watching School Days and ZSZS, and I plan to start watching Library War and Akagi soon.
Today I figured out that the Potemayo subs I am watching are hilariously lazy. Sometimes he would just put ".." for subs in when he didn't know what the characters were saying. The physical humor made so much up for his terrible that I didn't notice until now. Now I have to find a new source.

Also did something about biology. Plants are important to an engineer and physics major.

Bought a harmonica so I'd always have something to do when capatalistic society collapses.

I also may or may not have regressed into my Horo obsession.

reminds me of how I'm listening to Benighted (a french brutal death metal band) and watching lucky star.
I haven't had weed in six weeks, I'm getting jewed for hours at my job, I'm not doing so well in school, I'm drunk, nobody seems to like my subs, which sucks because I put my heart and soul into my translations always, I haven't been laid in years, haven't had a date in six months, and the last time I did I found out the girl had a bad coke habit. Obviously not doing too well if I'm ranting on 4chan of all places.

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