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I read Fuan no Tane and now i'm afraid to leave my room.
fuck guys i'm hungry and i have to go to the fucking toilet. guess i rewatch some episodes of Hidamari Sketch

For the toilet, use the corner of your room. For the food, search in your trash. Good luck.
It's not that bad, man up and leave your room man.

Plus think of it this way, plenty of people read that comic, plenty of them are fine. You are probably going to be one of the fine ones.

I guess you could argue the ones that aren't fine are gone though so we don't know what happened to them.
that pic from the manga isn't actually the most brixshitting one anyway, i was on /x/ last night and someone was asking for the chapter with the black figure peering through the window, needless to say i clicked x like lightning and am still afraid to go back there and now it's the same for /a/, thanks a lot!
Looks like the kid from Shaman King
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Fuan no Tane is based on japanese urban legends (at least some of the stories), does anyone knows more about it?

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