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Holy shit this show had the worst ending I've ever seen. Can you even call this an ending? This was horrible. It should be a fucking crime. The worst part of this is the show was amazing. Why did they have to ruin something so awesome? Why? Oh god I'm so pissed off.
Now you should watch the 2004 TV series. That one was really cool.
I heard the 2004 series was really bad. Should I bother watching it? Does the ending give any closure at all?
I need someone to complain about this ending with me to give it closure.
There wasn't an ending.
This made me want to join the airforce. Will they take me even though I'm colorblind and have mediocre grades, but high test scores?
The TV series adapts select few chapters from the long comic series but gives it an overarching plot. The plot is about a photographer(who works for Shin Kazama's nemesis Kanzaki) whose job is to take a photo of Shin's death.

It has a cheap CG look but there's still some really intense jet fighting scenes and cool bgm and casting(Takehito Koyasu, Shinichirou Miki and Tomokazu Seki as the main characters)

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