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File: ASUKA.jpg (57 KB, 364x500)
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So I had a dream last night Anon. It was about Asuka.

She invited me over to her place to watch TV. I dont remember how, but it led to me pulling her clothes off, and her trying to run away, screaming the entire time. Eventually she was totally naked and I was jamming it in her vagoo, and rubing my hands up and down her juicy thighs. Then she started enjoying it like the slut she is. I started rubbing her clit while still ramming my dick in and she loved it. We both came together, and something else happened that I dont remember, then I woke up at like 4am, and I had fallen asleep with my TV on.


So ronery......
File: 1209666629189.png (67 KB, 598x947)
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If it were the real Asuka you would have had to check you still had a dick.
Someone post the "I caught my son fapping to EoE" pasta.
File: 1209667158806.jpg (404 KB, 841x1200)
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404 KB JPG
File: 1209667286522.png (272 KB, 844x465)
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272 KB PNG
Auska is actually Duo Maxwell. Enjoy your gay.
File: 1209667389899.jpg (37 KB, 740x400)
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An accurate depiction of every day situations with Asuka.
File: 1209667460888.jpg (15 KB, 512x384)
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The secret of Evangelion is that they took super robot pilots and reversed their genders
if Rei was male, he'd be the awesomely silent/cool/calm guy.
When he rushes that angel with an N2 mine under his arm sacrificing his life ... that is the scene where MANLY TEARS flow for A MAN'S WAY OF LIFE AND DEATH.
Asuka, if a man, would be an awesomely HOT BLOODED pilot. And pervy with his advances on Shinji, but a little tsundere.
And Shinji, as a weak little girl, as a girl, puts it into context. You'd be fapping furiously to Shinjiko every night because of her shy demeanour
And with girl Kaworu, Shinji x Kaworu would be amazingly hot.
Guys what does it mean when you can't stop thinking about a girl
you should have posted what happened before she beat him up.
That it's very likely that you want to rape/kill/eat her, in no specific order.
File: 1209667907109.jpg (296 KB, 1824x1374)
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296 KB JPG

*fap* *fap* *fap*
Holy shit this anon speaks the truth
Good thing it was a dream then.

I really don't have the right to govern your thoughts but she is mai waifu after all. You should stop having such violent thoughts about her. She is the kind of delicate rose that must be tended to gently for her sake and your own. If you are too vigorous then you will only cut yourself on her thorns.
Kaiji is the only one who looks like a decent female.
File: 1209668464633.jpg (68 KB, 430x683)
68 KB

ya srsly
Not love then?

Well thank fuck for that
Anyway, no. She looks like she's trying to be one of those ladies from Rose & Camillia. Shinjiko, on the other hand.. fapfapfap
I wish to rub my penis against her face.
File: 1209669208745.png (29 KB, 264x222)
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File: 1209669543886.jpg (56 KB, 350x350)
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ITT Shinjiko
File: 1209669673398.jpg (51 KB, 704x480)
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Is that a picture of Duo Maxwell?
If Asuka really looks like Duo Maxwell then Duo Maxwell looks like a really sexy piece of jailbait.
File: 1209669941418.jpg (42 KB, 640x469)
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File: 1209670025359.jpg (62 KB, 480x480)
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File: 1209670563442.jpg (109 KB, 335x373)
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You can say that again. Cor!

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