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So what I learned watching this movie is that women actually are tsundere but more tsun tsun than anything elsde for the fatties, or your tipycal "regular Joe" nice guy who doesn't look as good as the jerks who would treat them as objects or pieces of meat.

Actually I'm happy that Atsuko ended up with Dr. Tokita but in reality that doesn't happen lol

what does /a/ have to say about Paprika?
your text is more confusing than the movie
It's mindless fanservice to fat guys. Just like young japanese nerds feel better about themselves because of Eva, fat nobodies feel better about themselves after viewing Paprika, because they have delusions of being able to get a hot girl.

Plot doesn't make sense, no matter how DEEP you try too make it seem. It's just fanservice.
It's shit, right?

Well, no. Visually it's great, and the first time you hear the main theme it'll really draw you in. I made the mistake of actually buying the soundtrack though. Holy shit does that song get annoying quickly.

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