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Is the Nausicaa mango worth reading if you've already seen the movie? Usually a ton of stuff gets cut out in the transition.. then again, maybe Miyazaki is just a much better filmmaker than a manga artist.

manga is ten times more EVERTHING than the movie.

when you have something as sublime as the manga adapting it takes away a lot
Wiki copypasta time:

>The manga is far more complicated than the movie; the tale depicted in the movie roughly corresponds to the first two books of the manga, the point the story had reached when film production began. There are significant differences in plot, with more factions, locations and characters appearing in the manga version of the story. There is also much more background detail, and the environmentalist tone is more developed.
>The manga includes a lot more philosophical content than the film. NausicaƤ explores the concepts of fatalistic Nihilism and the Gaia philosophy and struggles with the militarism of major powers.

in b4 "lol gaiafags"
Yes. The manga's ending didn't make much sense to me, but it's still worth reading, as there's a lot more there than in the movie.

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