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Today /a/, I would like to discuss the rather good compilation of OP and ED tracks this spring.

Picture related, OP for Rosar..sorry, Generic fanservi... sorry, To Love Ru Trouble is acutally fucking catchy and nice and upbeat. Why must I troll shows I acutally enjoy watching?

Allison to Lillia, the OP is fitting and at the risk of using a bland and vague word, nice. Wouldnt've been suprised to find this track fronting Spice and Wolf really.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki plays on the very over-used wacky approach to things, but again does it well. Nice and upbeat, and makes no sense.

And sorry, Coke Gay-arse's OP track is good in a nothing special but it's what I expected sort of way, ED licks balls.

Before i get carried away, other shows this season I think with notably good OP / ED tracks are:
Soul Eater Bleach again, I like this show, why must I loose the game?
Real Drive
Kamen no Maid Guy, shit OP and shitty ED animation, but ED track was good.

tl;dr derpderpderp
exactly my point
I mean who watches / wants to talk about anime on /a/ nowadays? HAREM THREAD!
People have been losing the game so much it's become loose?
Talk about anime?

Kaiba has an awesome opening
My favorite OP this season


And ED

No matter, you still loost.
xxxHOLIC just did the same old thing with Kei OP. I think I'll end up doing the same thing with Kei I did with the original and drop it.
Nothing really special this season.
To Love Ru's OP is nice i like it. ED is not that bad
Zettai Karen Children's OP is pretty cutesy but thats it. ED is useless
Kyouran azoku Nikki : MOSAIC.WAV. enough said ED is ok..
Soul Eater's OP is rocking. ED, meh
i liked xxHOLiC Kei's OP and ED. The ED more.
Kamen no maid guy... the only thing i like is naeka's tits in the ED.
REAL Dive's ED = great.
Itazura Na Kiss OP and ED are neutral
Mnemsoyne's songs are epic. i love them both.
and Nabari No Ou's Op is nice

o yea. Da Capo's OP is another song with the word sakura in it. ED, not catchy.

tl;dr dinner is served brb
I used 'nice' 3 times and 'nice and upbeat' 2 times.
Nijuu-mensou OP is second only to To Love Ru.
Best OP - Code Geass.

Best ED - Real Drive.

I agreed, don't bother me about it.
Dire/Average OP's ED's this season:
Amatsuki, love the show, OP ED are just wasting my hard drive space and bandwidth.

Vapire Knight, is anyone else acutally watching this?! But yeah, average average tries to be deep and dark, about as deep and dark as a pothole overfilled with silver.

Daughter of 20 faces is ok. Fit for purpose, anyone else waiting for the time skip or again is that just me?

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