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What happened to good anime?
Since 2002 I haven't seen anything worth watching.
Classics like Akira, Ghost in the shell, Evangelion, Hellsing.
Titles that makes you think about human nature, technology, religion and so on.
I think they're gone. In new productions we don't have things like this but tapeworm like long series.
No artistry no content not even good simple entertainment like in FLCL.

So I'm asking you: is there any new good series worth watching?
>good anime?
FLCL is a good anime.
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Hey guys, give me some new anime, all these new ones suck!
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Didn't like Evangelion? What, too DEEP for you?

sage sage sage sage
Gintama is good, book wise. I dunno about the show. Though really, honestly, the only show I kinda liked that you mentioned was FLCL.
Lucky Star.

I hesitate to say this here, but it has to be done: Lucky Star is, singlehandedly, the greatest literary work ever composed.

The intricate storylines and the all-too-human characters appeal directly into our hearts at the deepest level--the trials faced by the girls represent the daily hardships that face us all in the present, poor Kagamin's efforts in love are recognizable as memories in our own past, and Konata's sheer strength of character is something that we ALL should strive to match in our futures.

Truly, a work of art that you will find your self re-reading time and time again. Even then, you will be clamoring for more. LUCKY STAR for LIFE!
Hellsing -> titles that make you think

Gurren-Lagann is the best thing sliced bread.

It is full of symbolism, philosphy, ideals and strong message about moving forward.

The concept of evolution is very strong in Gurren-Lagann, you must move forward, but you will destroy everything by doing so, will you do it?

The animation is superb, 22000 frames per episode is really serious. It's like watching five shows at the same time.

The characters are perfect. Kamina, Simon, Nia, Yoko, theu are more than chracters they are live people.

Gurren-Lagann is the anime that will define anime for centuries to come, believe it!
Stuck on nostalgia. Your tastes are controlled by your desire to relive the same events over and over.

There are plenty of entertaining anime out there of current, if you open your mind to them. FLCL? TTGL = the new one.

Ghost in the Shell? basically just a "off the wall" concept. things like Death Note and Code Geass = the newer versions.

If you want the old shit, how about you just watch the old shit, again? Sounds like a good plan to me.

The characters in GL are two dimensional.


The hellsing series sucks OP.
No. Anime sucks. Go home.
Nice copypasta
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/a/, you've made my night
>>The characters in GL are two dimensional.
2D, in my toons? no wai
FLCL Hellsing are under entertainment.
And what you are watching? 300+ filler of naruto? of maybe 300+ episode of bleach?
Both are good example of tapeworm long series that because of length lost any sense.
>Classics like [...] Hellsing.

sage for LOLGONZO.
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Death Note.
The new classic.
Perfect in every single aspect.

And it does make you think LOT about human nature.
There is no good guy vs bad guy here (like most animes). Just two people with different ways of thinking fighting against each other. The side you choose to support reveals a lot about how you face life, the world and how do you value other people's lives.

Everyone should watch it.
I agree with Code Geass, Death note and Gurren Lagann
wow /a/ is so fucking retarded, its obvious hes trolling
>hellsing anime

Gtfo, troll
You liked Hellsing? Watch the Hellsing OVA. It's a thousand times greater.
After seeing response from /a/ I prefer go to /b/.
They're more cultural than you.
oh u

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