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Does anyone know where can I download raw manga (written in japanese hiragana, katakana, kanji... not translated versions).
This place has the distinction of being the only place I know where you can get raws of Omamori Himari.
There's [UR]DAN at lurk,next is share/winny/perfect dark and last but not least,a google search

I find that googling for raw manga only leads to sites where you have to register, and you don't know whether the manga is actually the raws or not until you've downloaded it. I hate that shit.

what you can't take the time to fill out a small registration form and use a 10 minute mail?
Because I hate having to give out my email address when there's plenty of sites that have it without the need to register.

ten minute mail motherfucker,do you use it?
I didn't even know that shit existed. That's awesome. Still doesn't change the fact that half of the sites that say they have raws just have scanlations with RAW added to the end.
Join #lurk in IRC. Get raws from [UR]DAN.

Or, download Share, learn to use it, and download any raw you want.

Does anyone know where I can download anime subtitled in Japanese with large print and furigana?

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