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You can change my plot Gonzo, you can discard my themes, you can even rework my characters, but don't change my ending!

They already did.
Instead having a nice ending where the count returns as a human and live happily ever after with Heidi (or whatever her name is). He becomes GAY and fucking die.

Awesome lulz is awesome.
It's GONZO. What did you expect?
elevens think they can "fix" any masterpiece, see thier last shakespeare rape they did
On its own merits, this was actually one of Gonzo's GOOD shows.
Romeo x Juliet
Samurai 7
What else is there?
I thought their take on it was good. You act like every retake on original stories are exactly acurate.
You should know already when the plot focuses more on the coming of age of Albert instead of the Count's KEIKAKU DOORI that things will change. Sure, the count could use a little bit more badassery but I frankly like Gonzo's ending too.
elevens cant even respect the original manga, what did you expect?

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Certainly. I didn't mind the changes (the mecha fights for one, while having no relation to the original story, were surprisingly awesome, and I'm not a particular mecha fan) that brought me to the ending, as long as the ending would have more or less retained its integrity.

A melancholy ending for my darling Haidee is an insult to all the senses.
The series is LOOSELY based on the book. And that's okay, that way I don't have to watch the same story I've already read.

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