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Okay, I just watched Baccano. I actually liked it a lot. Like most things I thought it could've been better, but I was surprised it was even this good. Shows like it have sorely disappointed me with good ideas executed horribly in the past. They did a good job of wrapping up most of the more important plotlines in 13 episodes but leaving wriggle room for a second season or OVA to still be interesting. I was concerned it was just going to abruptly end unsatisfactorily and wreck into massive plotholes like a lot of shows seem to do, but the things I really cared about the most got explored adequately enough for my tastes, and in an oddly well paced manner. I actually rather liked the disjointedness. It did wonders for anticipation and suspense. Imagine that, an anime getting suspnese right. It's been awhile since I marathoned something. Also, art, direction and animation were all quite top-notch, I like seeing this kind of quality going into things other than scenes of little girls jumping on tables, dancing in elaborate para para routines or the rare "epic" fight scene of some generic shonen. I was at first expecting a lame imitation of Cowboy Bebop, but instead got an awesome version of FMA. So, if you're slowpoke like me and haven't seen it yet, you should.
1st book is 100% translatted
Baccano is pretty popular here at least, I'm sure most that could be pursued to watch it already did.

Enjoyable short series
Where can I read it?
Year 2001_____Summer

"Hey, Miria, we....is it me, or have we not aged at all?" "......" "......" "Wow, that really is true!"

"......Yeah. Even though I don't know why we've become like this, but if this goes on, we will watch our loved ones die around us. See, isn't that how they always do it on TV? Immortals are really very unfortunate." "Aw darn......" "It's alright! Miria, even when people who're important die, those around them will live on normally, don't we see that pretty often?" "Yeah......we do." "Furthermore, yammering on about being unfortunate unfortunate unfortunate won't be good to those who've died, eh? Because compared to the pain of death, there's more happiness when one's alive, right?" "......" "In Japan, they say that to commemorate the changes in life, every time New Year's rolls around, they have to strike the bell 108 times, I think it's called "Dong Dong". Dong dong...that is to say, to remind people of the sound of life's arrival! So we shouldn't just think about death, from now on we should be as happy as people who've been reborn! "......Indeed! If that's the case, suffering and happiness will be balanced in harmony!" "Yeah! So, from now on we have to cherish our links with people even more!" "Wow, Isaac is right!" "To put our resolution in action, let us ring the bell 108 times!" "54 times per person!" "To continue new life!" "Hang in there! Every day is a birthday!" "Then, let's celebrate again tomorrow!" "Wow, Isaac, happy birthday!"
Where's my episode 14 subs?
File: 1209631170079.gif (8 KB, 90x118)
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"We'll give you six hours to prepare for your death."

In a room with simple decorations, a boy was surrounded by a group of men with solemn faces.

"... Any response so far?"

A man with glasses smilingly looked into the boy's eyes.

"Well, I don't know what for but this room makes me feel apologetic right now..."

The boy murmured nervously. He did not expect every executive staff in the Organization to be present at once. Just what horrible deed could he have committed?

"Um... did I do any...?"
File: 1209631208109.gif (8 KB, 90x118)
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In a room of relative luxury, Ladd raised his voice in high spirits.

"Well well well, this is gotta be fun and fun and more fun. Isn't that great? I can't stop looking forward to the fun we'll be having before carrying out the real plan. Aren't you guys excited?"

Ladd you bastard, this is beyond screwed up.

Do you think we can actually get proper money out of this? We've got a room full of idiots: everyone is screwed up for believing in Ladd's words, I'm screwed up for not stopping him.

"Hey Lua, are you looking forward to it too?"

He placed his hands beside the face of the woman in front of him - aka. Lua - as he spoke. "Not at all," said Lua who quietly looked into his eyes.

"Hahahahahahahaha, I see I see, this is no good for you. Shall we change it to something better then? When all the guys on this train are dead, when everyone in New York or in this country or in other countries were killed, let's hold a wedding just between the two of us at a church in the forest. Then I'll swear my love to you as I entertain you in the gayest fashion - beautifully, cruelly and carefully - as the last person in this world to be killed by my hands."

What a guy to actually give his fiancee such sadistic words with a gentle smile.

Exactially. We have three DVD only episodes that have yet to be subbed. Everyone and their mom is subbing Macross Frontier and Geass, yet no one is bothering with the Baccano DVD only episodes.

Please, if some translating group reads this, sub the DVD only Baccano episodes. Anon would love you if you did. Even Nyroon... well... atleast we wouldn't hate you as much...
File: 1209631435643.gif (8 KB, 90x118)
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The Economy Class lounge was painfully bare by default. There were only chairs and windows beside the actual passengers.

"Wow, what a nice view! Looks like we'll be able to enjoy our trip even as Economy Class!"

"Yo, Jacuzzi."

A gangster-like youth in cheap wear faced the tattooed man, who was looking out of the window in great excitement.

"Are you really sure?"

"Huh? About what?"

"Don't give me your 'What's! About robbing the storage cart, of course! It's no time for sightseeing! I'm asking whether you're serious about what we're planning!"

"Jack, people next door can hear you. The wall here is really thin."
File: 1209631745149.jpg (42 KB, 904x776)
42 KB

The quality of these things continue to go down. As well as the humor behind them. Then again, there was one that went "Spice and Wolf, more like Furry Curry". The irony being, the dog saying this counts as furry himself...
File: 1209631838965.jpg (59 KB, 400x272)
59 KB
Are eps 14 and 15 still untranslated?
File: 1209631986476.jpg (275 KB, 396x557)
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275 KB JPG
Nice totally gave me an eyepatch fetish.Put a sexy eyepatch on any girl and I'm a happy man.

Baccano! really is something else. I was surprised by the levels of violence, which is something I only usually see in Dexter or American Psycho or something. Ladd Russo would be my worst nightmare. Definately a classic series in my eyes and it's classy to boot. Watching Baccano! and Bartender in the same night soothed my soul.

I need to start reading this so I can fully grasp the story and get more Isaac and Miria.
People don't even try anymore.
My friend and I agree, the scene where The 'rail tracer' kicks the gun out of the other guy's hand while maintaining the "Oh my god I'm gonna die" face was awesome. One question though... why did the guy pull a gun in the first place? Who was he working for?

14, 15, and 16. I think there were three...

Nice was awesome. Especially when she blushed after being kissed for the first time. That was both "Awwwwwwww" and halarious.
I don't think 16 has even been released yet.
File: 1209632238483.jpg (35 KB, 853x480)
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And this is still the best line in the show.
File: 1209632287498.jpg (75 KB, 675x1000)
75 KB

May be the black suit guys ?
So I should watch it, then read it?
awesome show, i plan on re-watching it again very soon
Line breaks are your friend. It's hard to read a giant paragraph chunk.

So where are our subs for the extra episodes? I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever get them.

Oh wow, I never even noticed that.

It is awesome isn't it? It's my friend's favorite scene.


Me too... Thats why I keep asking that if there are any subbing groups out there watching, please PLEASE sub these!
I'm not sure what scene you're talking about. The one in the conductor room?

Episode 9, 5:30
The other guy was obviously working for the black suits. He even mentioned in ep 2 that Huey was his leader.

So one was working for the black suits, one was working for the white suits, and one was just good and crazy.
File: 1209634529811.png (318 KB, 1280x768)
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318 KB PNG

Yep, pretty much. This reminds me that I'm curious what job Rail Tracer was going to do for the Gondors. I hope that's cleared up in 14 or 15.
File: 1209634604751.jpg (165 KB, 918x698)
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165 KB JPG
Oh god Graham <3

...Oh snap! Who are you anonymous?!

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