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It's Shounen. It's mainstream. It's been shown on Cartoon Network. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that /a/ therefore has to hate it.
Manga's good.
Favorite show. Still has my favorite fights too.
I can't hate it... It did bring us Saito and Hiko.
I hate the anime because it was a pile of shit.

Actually, I wasn't aware that this aired on Cartoon Network. Consider my hate for it increased.
It's hard to hate it like /a/ hates naruto, because it is really good, and that's not just fangirls' opinion.
Second Arc rocked hard.

Come on now, the anime had its moments. Sadly, CN making Shishio say "hades" instead of "hell" wasn't one of them.
How can you hate the originator of the katana vacuum wave that can slice through tanks?
Deffinitely one of the more educational shonens out there. Actually referenced real history from the time period and the technique in swordsmanship.
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Despite the overwhelming dumb of that move, I have to call bullshit on that statement.

There have been dozens of katana supermoves before that one in other series. Kenshin didn't do anything but add them into a series that's supposed to be historical fiction, which makes idiot fanboys take it as Gods Honest Truth.
Only good thing is the FUTAE NO KIWAMI meme.

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