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ITT: /a/ related dreams.
You're on /a/ even in your dreams?
I had this nightmare about a week ago when I was on /a/ and people kept talking about this new shit shounen show with one piece - style art and attacks like black * star.

For ten pages.

Then I woke up.
I frequently dream of my everyday life, with some bizarre twist
/a/ is no exception

Dude that's sad.

In my dreams I'm the pilot of the Gurren Lagann and I go around the universe with my hot girlfriend kicking ass.
I had a dream about these three psychic brothers living up in Kamloops BC. I went there on vacation and two of them went fucking nuts and started manifesting all these little black and red imps and hellhounds. Eventually me and my family and about 20 other people took the brothers and their hellish abominations on with shotguns and pitchforks. But for some reason as we were losing the battle this enormous shell formed over the abominations and swallowed us all whole. Then the shell turned into this giant sphere of creation, and that's about all I remember.
The potential of this thread already makes me lol. Anonymous better deliver.
and back when I was 5 I had a dream about Transformers taking over my town
I dream't I had sex.
For some strange reason I was talking to two old women about some good anime titles and I recommened Naruto.

WTF "of the year".
There are lots of proclamations of "mai husbando" and what-have-you here on /a/, and lots of talk regarding GAR characters, but is anyone here sincerely in love with any particular character? I mean for real!

I'm in love with Makoto, and have been for a little over 6 months now, since I first watched School Days (I had heard about it when it first came out, but was late to the party). After the first episode, I was more interested in Kotonoha, but as if the previous episodes weren't enough to change that, the 8th really brought it home when it came to Makoto. It started out as a simple character obsession, but I had already fapped to him by the 9th episode. That raw sexual energy. But that's not all. As I watched the series over and over again, with the 8th episode quickly becoming my favorite, it grew into much more than just a character obsession or some sexual thing. I really developed feelings for him, as ridiculous as it is.

Maybe it's because he doesn't exist that I can feel a sense of caring, such an insane desire to be with him, so strongly. I really love him, more than anything or anyone else. If I could trade anything or anyone in this world to be with him, I would do it in an instant. His black hair, his intense brown eyes, and wild pimp personality.

I really love him. Text, spoken word, sign language. They're simply not enough. Have you ever experienced this, /a/?

As a continuation, my dreams often involve the end of the world/galaxy/universe.
How is that /a/ related?
I had a dream a few weeks ago that Clannad had 52 episodes and covered every character's route.

Except it was all animated by Toei Animation.
File: 1209617196026.jpg (27 MB, 1200x1707)
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I dreamt of Tomoyo once. Don't remember the details but I woke up feeling depressed ;_;
I had a dream years ago that I was fighting real versions of the giant mechanical Pokemon on that island, I was with Ash.
File: 1209617286415.gif (25 MB, 360x270)
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It's not that bad.
I've had /b/ related dreams, /b/ related because of Suiseiseki, I was fucking her and it was like I was in a Stickam chat and she was DESU spamming the shit out of it

I liked it.
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I dreamt I was EVA-01, and I was eating an Angel. I wanted to stop, but it tasted like sweet manna from heaven so I ripped away its face and feasted on the Angels innards. Then Gendo or someone interrupted me, I screamed and killed them and ate them too. Then I ripped off my tattered armor, revealing my hellish form to the world, and I screamed to the sky in a blind orgy of emotion--

And I woke up. And I was full.
I had a dream where I pretty was going about my everyday life as if I was alreasy awake. My mom was doing the laundry, and my bros. were playing games. I was just sitting around watching them do there thing... then I woke up, only to relize they were doing exactly what I was dreaming. How did I see all that but still be fast asleep?

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