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Sunrise offices, scriptwriters meeting, 10 pm Japan time.
Writer 1: Ok now that we're all here, let's get this started. Who wants to begin.
Writer 2: Uhh well should be Writer 3, he said he'd handle the bulk.
Writer 3: The fuck? Wasn't that supposed to be you?
W2: No fucking way, you didn't say anything.
W3: So what? What did you do all this time?
W2: Well I levelled my shaman to 70, did some raiding, ganked some nubz.
W2: What about you then?
W3: Err uhm. Trolled 2ch, fapped to loli, the usual.
W1: Don't look at me.
W2&3: We're fucked.
W1: Shit sucks. Maybe we'll get Gainax to hire us.
W2: Ah come on, we can do this, let's make something up on the spot.
W3: Are you crazy? We have what, 8 hours at best, if we miss sleep.
W1: No, he's right. Let's do this, brainstorm time.
Some minutes later.
W3: Hmpf, not much we can do now. Let's settle for something easy. Like uhh a kids show?
W2: Might work. You mean some powerlevels shonen right?
W3: Mmm, how about some slice of life for kids or something, shonen is overdone.
W1: Woah, could work. Let's see... Lulu and friends!
W2: How about: The wacky adventures of Lulu and friends, has a better ring.
W1: Works for me. So main guy's this Lulu fellow, 12 year old boy, sorta scrawny.
W3: Yeah the nerd type people pick on, kids could identify with him.
W1: Right. And his best friend err... Suzaku. Who's the more outgoing type.
W3: Neat, that way we nail both audiences.
W2: So basically they spend time at their playground. Or their treehouse or something.
W1: Yeah they're playing soldiers or whatever, and calling it Area 11.
Lulu goes crying to his mother but she doesn't care, saying that's how boys are. He gets angry and stops talking to her.
W2: Conflict down, let's elaborate. One day, this CC girl was getting picked on by the bullies. They push her around a bit, then she plays dead. They're freaked out and run away. Lulu runs to her and checks if she's ok. She's happy he cares about her, and gets him a gift: a BB gun. He could use it to chase away the bullies if they ever come back. They become best friends. Because of this, Lulu stops playing with Suzaku, he doesn't want him to steal his girlfriend.
W1: Lol drama.
W3: Shut up faggot. Anyway he also meets a girl called Kallen, who hates the bullies too. They all get BB guns and chase after them. They catch one of them while he was drinking some orange soda and shoot at his bottle. Frightened, he spills juice all over himself, staining his clothes. The other bullies find it hilarious and nickname him Orange-kun. In frustration, Orange-kun swears to get back at Lulu.
W2: We're kinda off slice of life terms now, but this seems neat and original for a kids show. Go on.
W1: They meet up with other kids and decide to form a gang against the bullies. The SOS brigade!
W3: Haruhi coined that already, dumbfuck.
W1&2: Fuckdamn shitcunts.
>>W3: Err uhm. Trolled 2ch, fapped to loli, the usual.

This is where you went wrong, Anonymous. If one of the writers fapped to loli, Code Geass would have Magical Girls, too.
The problem with this is that Code Geass is written by one person.

Multiple personalities, perhaps?
C.C isn't Magical? lolwut?
>Well I levelled my shaman to 70, did some raiding, ganked some nubz.

Fuck off WoW fag. Go back to /v/

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