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"power level suppression" is just another term for cowardice and being ashamed of yourself. That is all.
sure, you could try to find like minded people to accept you but then you'd just be surrounded by retards and if you beat the odds and there are females in the group, they've been around the block, probably won't touch you and are hideous anyway.

Moe Forte is a paradox of the universe.
WROOOOONG. Normal people don't have power levels, only anime watchers do. I don't giv ea shit about what they think of me. I just suppress my power level around OTHER anime viewers (mostly whom are gaifags or dubfags). I don't want to associate myself with such low power level scum.
The last time I released my power level, I ended up in a conversation with a guy that made me rage more than anyone has before. He was pretty much everything /a/ hates, rolled into one fat ball of lard. Mispronouncing Japanese words while using them out of context. Ignorant of shows like Azumanga Daioh, while going on about how "deep" Eva is. But I was desperate /a/. I needed some real life social interaction.
True. It's an attempt to blend in with the rest of society for acceptance. It means that there's still hope for you.
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Wrong. The true reason for suppressing power levels is to not be associated with faggotry. There's just too much risk out there.

Also we're already completely alienated from what is considered normal, we don't need to throw any salt on the wound either.

I'm a 4chan-level otaku.
Other anime fans tend to be retards. I don't want to have to spend all of my time in the company of retards.
I don't suppress, but I don't flaunt either.
Listen to this man. Just because I share one interest with someone doesn't mean I'll get along with them. I'm a Smash Bros. player but I steer the fuck clear of tourneyfags, this is no different.
>I just suppress my power level around OTHER anime viewers

This is the original meaning of suppressing the power level. It has nothing to do with trying to blend with society. It is about not socialising with lesser nerds.
no. i just don't want to be associated with fat naruto headband wearing cock sucking faggots and other scum of the earth. also, no one gives a fuck if you watch japanese cartoons, i don't feel the need to tell the world about my shitty hobby.

if someone asks me if i like anime, however, i will tell the truth.

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