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Sup /a/, my cousin from England who I hadn't seen for several years has flown over for a few weeks, an holy shit, she's now a huge weeaboo. I'm the power level suppressor to end all power level suppressors so I don't have any paraphernalia or anything that could tip her off to my interest, but she keeps trying to get me to watch fansubs of shitty shows on youtube with her. What should I do to get through the next few weeks with my power level fully concealed.
Kill her
You already know what the answer will be.
1. Rape her
2. Rape the maids
3. orz
Reveal your anime fandom and watch something of your own collection. Start with Boku no Pico.
No, I know what MOST of the answers will be. I'm praying for gold in that one answer that isn't typical /a/ faggotry.
Well, whatever, you do, don't tell her you like anime. Either she'll assume you like things that she likes, and then you'll either turn her down or be forced to watch it. Or she'll ask what you like, most likely dislike what you like, and feel superior.
Say you`ll ``give it a try``, and point out the glaring flaws in said shitty show when you watch it with her. Then decline from then on.
Depends. Do you still want to be friendly with her ? Do you want her to watch good shows ? Do you want to stick it in her pooper ?
please stop sucking /a/. It's going back to being anime oriented /b/ in here again. It was so much better right after the split.
If you plan on introducing her to better series, start off slow. Don't go showing her anything like Higurashi, for example. Shock is not the emotion you want to evoke. Assuming she likes the typical fare (Bleach, Naruto, etc.), introduce her to something like Buso Renkin, which I hear is fairly decent for a shonen. From there, you can expand.

Good luck, there, /a/non. We know how it feels. Just keep pressing on.
Scorn her the way that people would have scorned you had they found out your foul secret, the fact that you enjoy watching children's cartoons. If she realizes that you think anime is stupid, she won't bother to make you watch it with her.

Or say that you hate having to read so you can't stand subtitles. I seriously had a friend who was too lazy to watch anything in a foreign language because she didn't want to have to read subtitles.

If she's the type that infuses random Japanese words in her daily speech, often used incorrectly, just refuse her. The same goes for if she praises anything just for being anime/chibi/Japanese. I have a friend that makes me high-five her every damn time she sees something even remotely Japanese. I often wish I could "accidentally" miss and hit her face.
>I often wish I could "accidentally" miss and hit her face.
Wait, why don't you?
>Scorn her the way that people would have scorned you had they found out your foul secret, the fact that you enjoy watching children's cartoons.

I'd like to, but I'm not enough of an asshole.
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Yeah! Go with Busou Renkin, it won't....... shock...... her...... fuck.....
you don't have a cousin, enjoy your shitty fansubs you fucking piece of shit.
You want to know the answer?

Akagi her.

By that, I mean massive, traumatic mindfuck.

Dig out all the darkest, most obscure, truly level 9000 information you can, then challenge her to a battle of facts. Like a trivia game with a twist.

You'll prepare most of the questions beforehand (let her do some, they'll be retardedly easy by default), and make them hard as hell. Tiny little details that even a rabid fan might miss through repeated viewings. But of course you'll know them all, oh yes. Your knowledge surpasses the pathetic existence of this 'cousin'.

Make her understand the terrifying power of your mighty intellect. Make her tremble before the overwhelming onslaught of your endless fountain of information. Crush her mind by showing her she can never compete with you or measure up to your standard of knowledge.

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Show her the good shit in at least decent quality. Higurashi would be a great way to start that off.

When she goes back to youtube, she'll see just how shitty it is.
1. show her something good
2. watch more good series together
3. ???
4. be less ronery
And if she tries to pass off the blame for losing by declaring the questions "stupid" or "nobody knows that". Just look her in the eye and don't say a single word.

Your silent, scorning disapproval will be more powerful than any words you could come up with. Perhaps you could even snort in disdain.

YOU are the one with the power. YOU are the all knowing one. YOU ARE A GOD.

Then pooper, barrel roll, etc..

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