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Let's make a point on why Gurren-Lagann showcases "clever" writing.

I'm not claiming it to be intellectual, full of revolutionary ideas or the such. It just excels some at being fairly well-planned, and focuses its efforts on a theme delivery that takes away almost all of the unnecessary fluff from the content. Gurren-Lagann states from the first episode everything they want to accomplish with their storytelling. And they do it naturally, without clumsiness and resourcing to only dialogs and characterizations. Gurren-Lagann is a tale about progress, honoring your legacy, change, breaking traditions and the burden of responsibility. These are the basic ideas that drive the entire plot and everything comes across fairly strongly from before we even know what a "beastman" is.

From a history of failure, Jeeha village came to the belief that no future was possible for them in the surface. Imagine the Middle Ages and their belief of a flat world. The way the dialogs deliver this idea is pretty neat. Characterization is delivered on two levels: the character and the idea behind the character. The village elder forbids Kamina from trying to break through the surface, but only because it is "his responsibility as leader of the village". Kamina's rebellion is not in defiance to authority, but him trying to fulfil a promise with his father. All of these ideas become the core to the narrative as it progresses. Doing the impossible was not so much doing the impossible as it was doing what was believed DUE TO FAILURE to be impossible. Progess was not so much a trying to destroy tradition but rather tying togheter the past with the future. Opression was not so much the desire for power but rather a responsability from those in power, from those that came before.
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Since I'm a faggot, I'll create a thread to address all of the retarded arguments people contrived to criticize Gurren-Lagann in here >>11312877. From all the weak spots, like the awkward hole dividing episodes 11 and 15 or episodes 24 and 25, you take on broad subjects that are completely irrelevant to the actual definition of writing.

You see, shows don't have the same writer through; they have plenty of them working through. Even beyond that, episodes are done by a different staff and at times you may be damn sure the guy credited as "series director" had nothing do with what was ultimately broadcasted.
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Gurren-Lagann? I liked it better when it was called Evangelion!
my god, why can't people put this much effort into good anime

Like what?
Sage this shit to hell.
who cares
NB: Kang Min is Nal_rA and Lee Byung Min is Goodfriend. The dialogue is from the three MBC commentators, I have included

the timing of the events.
HUR DUR, OP makes valid points on why the show has good writing. LET'S JUST SAGE HIM TO HELL!
0:08 “We look forward to seeing what strategy he has prepared for us today.”
0:57 “In these type of maps, Protoss have been using Reavers, Corsairs and Carriers. It is important first of all for us to see first of all which strategy Kang Min has chosen early on in the game.”
I've seen multiple 100+ page threads with intelligently arguing how pokemon is one of the deepest series ever created. You can pretty much bullshit anything for anything. You won't change people's opinions, or stop the trolling.

So doing something like this is worthless. Unless it is amusing- but this wasn't.
1:22 “He will likely either secure his natural quickly and tech for Carriers, or produce some corsairs in order to utilize the Disruption Web along with Dragoons made from Gateways built on the other starting positions, hoping for a macro-based game. He will definitely choose either pattern of play.”
2:35 [As expected, both sides take their nat early in the game]
No. I'm a fan of the show but this is ridiculous. You don't need to defend GL. Just let it go, then we might not have shitstorms about it every day.

You really don't know how to just enjoy anything, do you /a/. You ruin every single good thing and yet I keep coming back. I'm so tsundere for you...
3:45 “It will be interesting to see what Kang Min has in his mind.”
4:59 [Nal_rA makes a Stargate]
“Oh, it’s a Stargate!”
“Wow, it’s extremely fast timing! This is almost like in PvP games when a player goes one base pest carrier rush!”
“Haha, yes!”
I don't see anything that is out of ordinary even in anime, this level is characterization is nothing special.
6:05 “Kang Min! He is increasing the number of his Gateways! However no sign of any units yet.”
“Right now it is highly possible that he will make Dragoons to defend against early drops by the Terran then climb Carrier tech afterwards, much like his game last week.”
6:11 [Nal_rA’s single Stargate is flashing, warping in a Corsair]
“Oh! What.. Corsair? A Scout?”
“It’s a Corsair, in this case it is being used for early scouting, although late game Web can be highly useful.”
“Yes, sometimes it is better to use a Corsair to scout very early in order to find out the opponent’s build rather than taking the time to build a Robotics Facility, an Observatory then an Observer.”
“Indeed. Then the Protoss is able to immediately adapt his own build to counter the Terran’s.”
GL episode 15 should have been the end while episodes 17-27 should have been the movie.
6:51 [Nal_rA still has no units but a couple of goons+sairs He warps in a Templar Archives]
“What? Why? God, it is impossible to guess what he means by this!”
“He doesn’t even have a robotics!”
“Exactly! All he has are two corsairs!”
“What is this, Kang Min!”
“Haha, that is one of the many nicknames for Kang Min- ‘What is this?’”
“Oh! There comes ANOTHER Corsair! Doesn’t he even have a fleet beacon?”
“No, it seems that he doesn’t!”
[Play ensues into mid-game, both players are building up, Goodfriend has taken one extra expansion on one of the starting positions]

9:49 “Kang Min truly has served up a one-punch strategy. It seems that he is warping in two Arbiters from his two Stargates. If the Arbiters are dealt with by the Goliaths before the recall and the turrets, it is a certain defeat. It is everything or nothing.”
7:32 [Nal_rA warps in an Arbiter Tribunal]
*Groans of astonishment from the crowd*
“We are simply speechless.”
“Finally we learn the truth behind the riddle! Of course- one needs a Templar Archives in order for Arbiter Tech.”
“Yes that is true. The Arbiters’ recall is very good. However, the reason it is not widely used is because it takes a long time and is very risky against a goliath-tech Terran on an island map. But Kang Min.. HAHA!!”
8:11 “Indeed, the structure of a Real Time Strategy game means that as long as a player keeps his intentions hidden, the element of surprise in itself will likely make a strategy successful. And right now, Lee Byung Min is completely oblivious of Kang Min’s plans!”
Watched Evangelion 10 years ago, thank you.
No you haven't.
[As soon as the commentator stops speaking, Goodfriend attempts a drop on Nal_rA’s base. The crowd let out cries of anxiety as Nal_rA hurries to hide his two freshly warped in Arbiters to the very top left corner of the map. However, Goodfriend retreats, having seen a glimpse of the Arbiter Tribunal with his drophips]

10:01 ‘He’s seen it! And to make sure he has even scanned it! This is a crucial moment in the game!”
“Indeed! What Lee Byung Min MUST do now is… YES! Exactly that! As we clearly see right now, he must make sure his base is full of turrets and goliaths to prevent the Arbiters from entering his base!”
“He now also knows that Kang Min only has one shot at victory!”
“He’s even preparing Science Vessels to detect the cloaked units.”

Make your point, provide examples. I'm not talking about characterization for once; I'm talking about theme delivery. Gurren-Lagann's characterization was tied to the theme, that's why little details like the "Anti-Spiral's" motivations don't across as clumsily. That's why it takes the freedom of portraying larger-than-life heroes.
11:06 [A Physics Lab add-on shows that Goodfriend preparing Battlecruisers. Cut to Nal_rA’s base, where his two Arbiters are hovering over his army consisting of around 15 Zealots, 5 Dragoons and 5 High Templar]
“It seems the risk is much greater for Kang Min, Lee Byung Min is fully prepared… (Nal_rA creates 8 hallucinates) …WA-HAHAHAHA!!”

[Crowd goes wild in delight as the flock of Arbiters glide towards Goodfriend’s base]


[The best fucking looking amazing recall you’ve ever seen in your life recalls over a whole army as the commentators and the crowd scream in unison in all their ecstasy, camera cuts to Nal_rA’s face]

What examples do you want? Other shows that deliver themes and characterization as well in their first episodes?
Anyways I didn't say it was bad, just that it isn't as exceptional as you seem think


I'm not saying it is the best in the media, no need to get defensive. I'm saying it is remarkable, for which you disagreed. In such a case I ask you to make your point. A statement is not making a point.
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File: 1209600775711.jpg (242 KB, 700x990)
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242 KB JPG
Stop caring what the trolls and general morons think.
File: 1209600935786.jpg (35 KB, 349x342)
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I'll try my hand at it.Let's make a point on why Nia was a not a plot device but was vital to the theme besides having her own character beyond being Simon's lover:

Like Kamina, Nia was a character tied by the chains of her origin. Her relationship with Genome was not indented to give her any kind of “plot” relevance. It was a mimic of Kamina’s infatuation with his father. Like Kamina’s arc, in which Kamina faces against that same human fragility that killed Joe, Nia’s arc ended with her confrontation with her father. Ultimately, she says farewell to his influence and decided to look towards tomorrow. In the end, just like Rossiu’s village ends up coming to claim his soul, Nia’s origin came to claim hers.

Her personality was about “questioning everything”, what everyone else considered an absolute she tried to actually understand. “Why are you fighting?”, “Why do you love me?” or the like. Beyond that, she had core motivations and her personal reasoning on the world. Actions like when she told Simon to use her hands as cushions for piloting Lagann or lines like “Farewell, Father. I’ll look towards tomorrow” or “As a matter of fact, we’re completely different persons. But I believe that thanks to these differences we will be able to live together” among others are clearly part of her characterization.

Anyway; I’m not saying Nia is an amazing revolutionary character, I’m saying your arguments against her are pretty much grasping at straws. You can dislike her, I don't care about that. But your dislike is forcing the writing into a mold it was never intended to fit.

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