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Gurren Lagann is the past of Pokemon. Picture: Boota goes on to sire a numberless legion of Spiral-powered hybrid creatures. The galaxy unites briefly, but separates once more after the Spiral Nemesis starts looming. They're not restricted by the Anti-Spirals anymore, but having all those people in contact and expanding outward is asking for disaster and they know it. A trackless time passes. Boota's hyper-powered descendants evolve at warp speed, speciating into nearly (so far) 500 different varieties of creature, many of them near-sentient. Humanity eventually abandons the form of Ganmen and much of their dependence on Spiral power. Beastmen, unable to regenerate any longer, go extinct. A few millennia pass, until the world eventually becomes the Pokemon world we know. Even GL itself becomes little more than a legend. (Ash's Pikachu, incidentally, is a direct male-line descendant of Boota himself, before the line turns into Diglett and Dugtrio. Brock is somehow a descendant of Leeron, probably involving genetic experimentation of some sort. Also worth noting with the "descendants of Leeron" theory is that it makes James and Brock at least tangentially related. Only someone with Leeron's bloodline could be THAT fabulous.) Even Pokemon evolving the way they do is perfectly explained by Spiral energy, AND without invoking its magical bullshit power aspect. They store Spiral power as they fight, and evolve- beyond their control- when they've accrued enough. Everstones are bits of Grand Zamboa still rich with Spiral-suppressing energy that rained down on Earth after the battle, while the element Stones came from TTGL. (Or Chouginga, in the case of Moon Stones.) Rare Candy is crystallized Boota poo. It's not REALLY candy, after all. As soon as it's given to a Pokemon, it disintegrates to release a small amount of Spiral energy. GL being the past of Pokemon even explains how Squirtle got Kamina's shades.
Oh, and copypasta'd from /m/.
Superior, easier to read version.
Harr harr. I could stick any show in there and make it work. Aren't you sick of trolling Gurren Lagann yet? It's not like any of the intelligent fans are wasting their breath defending the show anymore.

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