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A cartoon drawn by trained anime vets where all the Japanese-named characters are 6 foot tall Caucasians, but all the basketball-playing gangsta thugs with Presidential surnames are drawn as straight-haired, 5 foot tall snaggletoothed mole-infested asians.
It will be called "Mayonnaise Crisis."
All the pets will look like Doraemon, walk and talk and shit wrapped presents. No one will be seen eating anything except Pocky.
Hephaestus Morrigan, the main character, is an insurance salesman who wears a luchadore mask. His unrequited love interest is a leggy brunette unaware she's smuggling basketballs in her blouse and only self-conscious about the fact she wears glasses.
Even though the show is set in Seattle, his nephew attends a uniformed school where all the boys wear Nehru jackets and all the girls' skirts are approximately four inches long. The principal of the school is an octopus. Every student at Franklin Walker High is obsessed with a reality show titled "THAT'S MY HOLE," where orphans must correctly identify the mothers who gave them up for adoption.
The hero's sister "Tennessee" spends all her day sitting in front of a computer playing an indecipherable computer game involving a spider in a maze. It has somehow interfaced with an autonomous 8-legged military droid which is now slowly destroying the city but no one seems to care.
Tennessee soon discovers she can enter the virtual world but every time she returns her forehead is a little big larger. Hephaestus is too embarrassed to discuss it at the dinner table, and besides the sound of crunching Pocky drowns out conversation.
Tennessee's identical twin cousins Marisol and Touretta move in. One is a sweetheart and the other randomly kicks guys in the beanbag. No one can successfully remember which is which.
The theme song will be untranslated J-pop whose lyrics are the instructions for a popular brand of laundry detergent.
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>the show is set in Seattle

that's weeaboo enough

Well at least its not FRANCE
No, Marathon passed on it
File: 1209596209503.jpg (24 KB, 425x318)
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And it will be produced by the Middle Eastern studio "AllaAni"

I am curious...
>>11315738 "THAT'S MY HOLE,"

You best not insult my home turf, nigga.
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>>11315738 The hero's sister "Tennessee"

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