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Okay, hear me out first, I know we aren't supposed to /r/ outside of /r/, but every single time I ask for this, I get 0 replies, and I figured /a/ may be more knowledgeable on this subject and could help me out.

I need the TV Size OP to To-Love-Ru, and no, Gendoh doesn't have it because, well, they TECHNICALLY have it, but the quality is absolute shit and I need a CD quality rip of the TV size. I'm planning on making a Stepmania simfile for it, and less than perfect just won't work.

THYME - Forever We Can Make It
wait for the OST to come out shesh

TLR is bad and you should feel bad
the cd single of the song is out, i dont see the problem here
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the op is already out and on tokyotosho
I have the full size CD single, I'm looking for the TV size to make a simfile of.
And, I like To-Love-Ru, though I've read the (so far superior) manga.
No seriously, wait for the OST to come out. Unlike the single, soundtracks usually contain the TV-size version. Until then, you're stuck with one ripped from video.

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