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File: 61LcTO-Vh1L._SS500_.jpg (70 KB, 500x500)
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And now Part 2 in our 10 part series: Translating SZS Character Songs For Anon To Enjoy.

Today's song is "薔薇の棺", "A Rose's Coffin" by Chiri Kitsu

Please note that I've obviously taken one or two liberties with the translation to make it a bit more smoother for English, but I didn't want to change too much -- trust me, it makes more sense in Japanese. Also, lack of punctuation may make things sound somewhat awkward. Sorry.
花束を抱えて 日曜ごとに会いに行こう
これでもう 私だけのものに

When you die,
I'll visit you every Sunday, a bouquet in hand
Even if it's just for me

真黒な着物と 真直ぐな黒髪
ただ お墓にしゃがみこんで
ゴメンネ‥だとか 嘘泣き
好きよ‥と 一言 囁き微笑(わら)う

With only a straight pitch-black kimono and straight pitch-black hair
I will sit in front of your grave
ヒョロヒョロと細い 煙が昇ってる
火は 総(すべ)てをしゃぶり尽くし
As the thin wisps of smoke rise
And the fire has consumed all it can
And my fingers dye themselves a permanent stain
After this I only have on thing to live for

想い出せやしない だって、忘れぬから
The insects sing their dizzying song
My emotions are held in check, but I feel I've forgotten something

船出よ 薔薇の棺
Goddamn. Listening to this now with the lyrics makes me a bit harder than usual.
i highly fuckin approve of this. also, i'm sad i missed part 1. post it here for those of us who missed it?
File: 1209591325030.jpg (3 KB, 90x125)
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I seriously wish I could rape all these bitches and then kill them

Part one was Kiri and Matoi's duet, the last song on the CD. Let me dig it up.

Quick note: The title (Kagerou) usually means Dragonfly, but can also mean fleeting and ephemeral. The point of the song is to contrast the two meanings.

ささげるわ残らず あなただけが生きがい
なにを迷うというの その気にさせておいて

Raise yourself high, you're my only reason to exist
Don't waiver, don't falter
Never let go of me

一人きり かげろうがゆれる街で
白っぽい道がひび割れてたんだ そうよ
i cant wait to fap to fuura's song real soon
Can you do Nami's next? Or Kafuka's?

Next one's most likely going to be the Abiru and Haruma duet entitled "fetish". Kafka's one kind of hurts my ears, but I'll do it after the next one.
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File: 1209593976361.jpg (68 KB, 560x420)
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Shameless bump to prevent future repostings.
File: 1209594115694.png (238 KB, 384x551)
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238 KB PNG

Thread suddenly became relevant to my interests.
File: 1209594297477.png (136 KB, 333x509)
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136 KB PNG
Better of saving all of these in a .txt and sticking on /rs/ with the songs when we have the set.

Oh, now there's an idea. I might just do that when I'm done.
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File: 1209595170621.jpg (198 KB, 700x999)
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But she barely sounds like Chiri in the song. Not very fucking proper, is it?

Those eyes are staring into my soul...
File: 1209595472867.jpg (283 KB, 650x923)
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283 KB JPG
I don't know if the lyrics just translate badly or are they really that awful to begin with.

And the song doesn't compliment Chiri´s character that greatly.
This guy has an interesting style, but it's ruined by way too much stuff in the picture.
It walks the line between cool/creepy and horribly fucking ugly.
Still worth a look through; http://pub.ne.jp/mercre/
You should not give the sources away that easily.

Why not? It's nice to know that some anon haven't turned into the elitist fags that usually drop one or two new pics and laud it over us.
I have nothing I want to haggle for right now. Besides, it's only fun to with hold things when people demand them.
File: 1209596550708.gif (56 KB, 485x593)
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dont forget the hidden track with maedax
File: 1209596908098.jpg (150 KB, 526x842)
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150 KB JPG
From Katteni Kaizo, the mangaka's work before SZS
File: 1209597272690.jpg (49 KB, 450x742)
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Will there be another album do we think? As far as I remember there's not been an official release of the Lyricure song yet...
Some time in May.

That's actually damn good.
File: 1209597787440.jpg (410 KB, 1000x764)
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410 KB JPG
File: 1209598243076.jpg (328 KB, 800x1190)
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Posting my only high-quality SZS pic in a high-quality SZS thread.
File: 1209598724887.jpg (271 KB, 750x1000)
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271 KB JPG
File: 1209598816998.jpg (222 KB, 402x900)
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222 KB JPG
File: 1209599080505.jpg (104 KB, 598x680)
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104 KB JPG

Reinforcing the notion that Matoi is, indeed, the hottest girl in the series and deserves far more screen time.
Yeah, she sounds like Marina Inoue in the song. Amazing, isn't it?

I want to make sure that you consider this to be a good thing.

Because it is.
File: 1209599691277.jpg (77 KB, 500x500)
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File: 1209600325891.jpg (28 KB, 704x396)
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Bumping awesome thread.

Can't wait for Kafuka's song~
File: 1209600414252.jpg (94 KB, 440x590)
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File: 1209600987472.png (17 MB, 1600x1200)
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is there an expected schedule for these translations?
Anon doesn't follow linear time.
well i didn't see the first part so i have no idea how far apart they were and if the next one will have a similar time frame.
There was version of this on the ED album, wasn't there?
First part was yesterday or the day before.
thanks, hopefully i wont miss the next one
but where are these songs you're talking about?
/r/ Go Go Go Beauty! for the lulz

Also, Maeda's thing at the end
yeah i'd like to see what Maeda's little spiel is about
Gaijin on the interwebs call him names.
What was the first one and does anyone have translations for that one?
File: 1209605548804.png (272 KB, 704x396)
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272 KB PNG
Woohoo! The first time I see these posts and it's Chiri's song! Awesome!
File: 1209610112673.jpg (20 KB, 450x337)
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