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Good Evening Anonymous.

Lately I have been demolishign Anime series like nobodies business. As some of you in here seem a knowledgable lot I thought I'd seek your advice on new thing to watch. Here is what I have seen so far:-

Oh and pic kinda related, i just like it.

Lucky Star - Liked it. yes they talk abotu food but I am a fat bastard.

Black Lagoon - Gritty, Dark and sometimes depressing. hit me like a torpedo to a helicopter. Also enjoyed.

Rozen Maiden & Traumend - Don;t mess with the Desu. Also enjoyed.

Gurren Lagann - Fuck me I found this awesome. Choked me up at some points, yeah yeah newfag and all that.

Ouran High School Host Club - Suprise suprise, Also enjoyed this. Loved how it mocked some aspects of anime.

Death Note - Not bad but it did feel like it was dragging on in the end.

Pani Poni Dash - Mostly OK but not helped by the fact I did not get most of the references.

So as you can see, somewhat varied tastes. Come up with something new for me, Tah!


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