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Yes, contrary to popular belief, some of us do actually leave our homes and begin relationships and some of us are just lucky for no reason, like me.

ITT, we post anime characters that resemble our IRL partners either in looks or personality or both and explain why.

Believe it or not, my finacee is actually a lot like Hinata: Cute, shy, a little weird (BIG Utena fan), top heavy with broad, round hips, part of a big family and hopelessly in love with a complete failure - me.

itt: lies
don't believe, hand, etc.
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does she rape you?
>top heavy with broad, round hips

>Believe it or not, my finacee is actually a lot like Hinata: a fatty.
\(╬^д^╬)/ rejoice!
No, cuz Hinata is actually ugly without the veins too.
lol jellyrolls nobody loves you
She doesn't look fat in the moving picture though
File: 1209583139222.gif (30 KB, 280x234)
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My GF has these particular looks.

too bad she doesent draw ;_;
File: 1209583322378.jpg (140 KB, 1200x849)
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Why yes, all my relationships are much like anime characters - fictional.
Does she have blissfully white eyes?


Then she isn't like Hinata, as that is the only worthwhile point for her.
File: 1209583532143.jpg (49 KB, 400x200)
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i don't think you have a girlfriend, enjoy your body pillow.
real life doesnt work that way
I think we're confusing "My girlfriend" and "Mai waifu" here. She's not real, get help.
File: 1209583800599.jpg (33 KB, 704x396)
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but without sekai
>She's not real
>get help.

I'd rather have happy delusions of a fake girl than deal with the harsh reality of solitude, wouldn't you? Leave the poor anon to his fantasies. Ignorance is indeed bliss.
Sometimes, but I get pooper in return so it's fine.

OP here btw, I got about the response I expected - a dozen or so idiotic, bitter virgins and one other anon who decided to play the game so far. I'm just sorry that nobody criticizing this thread had any original comments or insults.

I can't talk her into wearing the contacts, she says they burn.
File: 1209584094564.jpg (5 KB, 192x193)
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>some of us do actually leave our homes
oh great, a narutard wanting his rented whore to look like a naruto character
>Sometimes, but I get pooper in return so it's fine.

i thought you were serious about it until i read this.
If you think yourself as a failure you wouldn't share it, it is your relationship and hers, so those are memories that you would keep for both of you (its something precious, that personally i wouldn't share)

it happened to me, im in a relationship but its my relationship and not something that i will go and tell everybody "hey look im on a relationship look at me"
You use the word solitude wrong. loneliness is a better word in this situation, since solitude means you desire to be alone.
If she looks so much like Hinata, have she ever considered cosplaying, or does she know the horrors of anime fandom yet?
File: 1209584531438.png (18 KB, 300x309)
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Greetings, faggot.
As this is undoubtably your first day here, you should know that we take less kindly to 'lolol i have a girlfriend am i awesome yet xDDDDD' threads as opposed to /b/ where you obviously hail from.
Please take your shit back to your shit board and circlejerk with your fellow normalfags.

File: 1209584588003.png (8 KB, 139x146)
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To that I respond with

>it happened to me, im in a relationship but its my relationship and not something that i will go and tell everybody "hey look im on a relationship look at me"

He's so excited to get into a relationship that he has to tell everyone - from his mom to /a/.

I'll go ahead and post an original comment then. You claim you're better than us "idiotic, bitter virgins" because you've grabbed a girl. However, think about it this way: You're stuck with a girl who will never, ever reach your expectations (hell, you're already asking her to wear contacts and pretend to be someone she's not, so this obviously isn't dreamland). You live your life of compromise after compromise, forfeiting more and more of dreams until mediocrity becomes the status quo and you get used to the fact that you will never, ever attain what you want. This attitude will spill into every other part of your life -- eventually, you will find yourself content with a boring desk job and a house in the suburbs with your mediocre wife and mediocre kids, living our your mediocre life until the day you kick the bucket. Of course, it goes without saying that when you die, you will die just as alone as the rest of us.

We, meanwhile, might not be as super of a person as you, but at least we still maintain our standards. Most anon here are not, in fact, the "fat pasty nerd in their parents basement", but are in fact perfectly able-bodied folk who can most likely net the same type of beached whale you have. Unfortunately, we are consigned to the fact that no girl we meet in real life could ever hold a match to the ones in our imaginations. Refusing to compromise, we helpless romantics will continue to live alone, dreaming of the impossible girl. We, too, will most likely live out forgotten lives and die just as alone as you, but we will die having been true to our dreams.

You are, in short, no better than us. The only difference is that you have decided you'd rather settle with a mediocre girl while we still seek our our ideal. Whose decision is better? Well, that's up to personal opinion. But I, at least, still have my dreams to keep me going.

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