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How can a manga about music be better then the anime?
Manga is always better.
Read detroit metal city
BECk manga is win but the anime is pretty terrible.
Bremen being made into an anime would be hilarious.
Copypasta'd from SIFTW review -
"Let's go back to that perfumer metaphor again. Imagine that "Joseph the Perfumer" has been picked up by TV Tokyo. And, in an attempt to please not just the sight and sound senses but even the olfactory ones, the network distributes scratch and sniff stickers to the audience. When the big scene comes and Joseph uncorks his test tube, the show tells you to scratch sticker 7. And you know what it is? Lavender.

The problem with the anime is not that it deviates from the manga in any way--for all intents and purposes it's exactly the same. The problem is that we no longer get the suspension of disbelief that Beck is somehow this world-changing band. The premise of the story is that the band is unparalleled in Japan, that they have a sound as foreign to the island as Perry's Black Fleet. When we actually hear the music, it isn't mind blowing, it doesn't change the way you live, alter the orbit of planets, or allow cats and dogs to live together in harmony. It's decent, but it's nothing special."
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don't know why its so awesome... but it is really fucking awesome
>> How can a manga about music be better then the anime?

Because in the manga you don't actually hear them sing.
You don't have to hear them sing.
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Koyuki is gar imo...

So fucking true.

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