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what happened to that weeaboo girl who ran off to japan with 800 bucks to become an hero in the land of animu
she became an hero.
asuka's tits are bangin'
She's in a coma and a boy is masterbateing next to her.
She became an Eva pilot
link to news article?
I haven't the slightest clue of what OP is talking about, but he got my attention.
no news yet I believe

but lets keep /a/ informed on this hilarious display of weeaboo fail.
If this is true I will have a small shrine dedicated to this forum in my room
/r/ link to original news article
She probably got kidnapped by some yakuza and is currently drugged to all hell and working in some shitty brothel where they love ugly women who look like men.
this is real puma

If you have the money in the bank, nothing left to live for, and Japan has sentimental value, why *not* go there to die?

/a/ is livid about this, but I don't see how its fail moar than any other suicide.
you will never crush her japanese soul
Then I will build this shrine.
The Connecticut Record-Journal newspaper reports that 21 year old anime fan and Central Connecticut State University student Skye Lynn Budnick secretly traveled to Japan on April 1st, and was last seen in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan on April 7th. Budnick’s family and Japanese authoraties are searching for the missing young woman, but have found no clues to her whereabouts.

Skye Lynn Budnick was apparently struggling to stay in school after failing several classes, and had reportedly considered suicide before traveling to Japan.

The United States Consulate in Sapporo has asked that anyone with information on Budnick’s whereabouts call (011) 641-1115 within Japan or 81-11-641-1115 from outside of Japan.

Source: Anime News Network
wonder if anyones called those numbers and claim to have found her dead for the lulz yet.
if not, it needs to be done

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