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During some spare time, I wrote some random Shugo Chara thing. Whether it becomes copypasta is all up to you.
Maybe you should post it on Gaia.
It was a cold, dark morning when Amu woke up that Saturday. She was looking forward to seeing Tadase in all his shota beauty. Ran, Miki, and Suu were all still resting in their eggs when Amu decided to take her shower. As the water ran down her flat chest through the crack of her vagina like a waterfall entering a narrow canyon, Amu began to feel sick. She thought this feeling was due to her eating five rice balls the other day (she can usually only handle three), but her guess was incorrect. Blood began to trickle down her leg and to the drain. Her eyes began to water, unknowing as to what had happened. She collapsed on the floor, writhing in pain. About five minutes later, she got up, finished her shower, and got dressed. As she walked to meet her friends that day, her Shugo Chara were singing random songs. Without paying attention, Suu, while dancing with her egg beater, ran into a jogging Nikaidou. As Amu saw the blood drip out of Nikaidou's forehead, flashbacks of earlier that morning rushed through her head. They both asked each other if they were alright. Nikaidou asked Amu if he could play with Suu that day, and for the first time, Amu agreed.
>>no gtfo
Going by the image I assume it to be some Nikaido raping Amu?
Nikaidou, with glee, hopped with Suu to his house, holding his forehead along the way. Amu continued walking when she bumped into Eru, similarly how Nikaidou bumped into Suu. As usual, Eru was whining about problems she was having with Utau. Amu began to yell at Eru, and they got into a shouting fest. Ran decided to take Eru back to Amu's place for some comfort. Amu and Miki finally met with Tadase, but to her surprised, Tadase was currently arguing with Ikuto. Both Tadase and Ikuto Character Transformed into Platinum Royal and Black Lynx, respectively. Amu, unable to break up their fight by herself, transformed into Amulet Spade and settled their quarrel. After Ikuto left, Yoru still lingered for a little bit to continue arguing with Kiseki and Miki. Tired of the fuss, Amu and Tadase left. While they walked, Tadase noticed the look of angst on Amu's face and asked what was wrong. Amu said she wanted to tell Yaya, but since she was visiting Kukai and Nagihiko five cities over, she could not wait. Ironically, although Tadase was shy around girls, he knew many things about girl affairs. He explained to Amu what has transpired earlier that day, and Amu was somewhat relieved that it was not a medical condition. Tadase said he had to go meet with The First King, so Amu headed back by herself. As she was walking, a black limousine with an afro antennae drove by and took Amu. Struggling, she tried to get away, but without her Shugo Chara, her efforts were for naught. After about five minutes, they arrived at Easter's headquarters. Confused, Amu asked one of the guys in masks what was going on, but the guy she had asked was staring at a daisy.
He began to caress the daisy, and tears dripped down his chin. Amu was forced into the building shortly after. The building she entered into was very cold and pitch black. As she walked by, she noticed that all the portraits had numbers on them, and they were all the same number. After she was brought into the room, a man with a katakana and a rifle came in. The other guys in masks left. The guy said that his name was Gozen and that he had been watching her ever since her birth. He also said that now was the perfect time to harvest the embryo. Suddenly, a machine came out and restrained Amu against a brick wall, her legs spread out. Gozen looked on with glee as his hand came closer and closer. Right before he touched Amu's soft, delicious leg, Ikuto came out-of-nowhere and landed an RKO. Stunned, Gozen grabbed his rifle and started shooting, but all his bullets were reflected by Ikuto's sharp claws. However, right before Ikuto could land a finishing blow to Gozen, he heard a gunshot.
Looking at his chest, blood began to gush out. He managed to turn around just enough to see that Utau had pulled the trigger. In an act of both cruelty and mercy, Gozen shot Utau squarely in the head with five bullets. With the siblings on the ground and foam in his mouth, Gozen raised his katakana. He proceeded to remove Amu's skirt and panties by ripping them off her legs. he then inserted his sharp, pointy katakana into Amu's Egg Factory. After an indeterminable amount of seconds, blood came dripped out, and on the tip of his katakana was a tiny egg, glowing with an awesome power. The egg grew instantly to the size of a typical Shugo Chara egg. Gozen rejoiced, realizing that his dream was finally going to come to fruition. He walked out of the building, ignoring the blood gushing out of Amu's destroyed production line. As Amu's mind began to drift from the loss of blood, she looked over to Ikuto, who was barely conscious.

Amu said to the alley cat, "I hate you! I really, really hate you!"

As she faded, Ikuto smiled, and he faded along with her.

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