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I've seen from half of the 90'ties up until now.
I started watching anime with Gurren Lagann.

don't hurt me
Fapped my dick raw to Sailor moon
Well it all started back in Ninteendicketytwo...
We had to say "dickety" because the Kaiser had stolen our for 20!
Mid 80's robotech, star blazers and so on
A good start. Its no different than starting with the old 'classics' like DBZ, or earlier.
I've seen everything since The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife. Damn newfags, all of you!
I remember watching Dragon Ball every Saturday on Fox when I was maybe 5 or something. I fucking loved that show.
Then it disappeared and Sailor Moon popped up, with which I had a love-hate relationship.
I watched Anime but had no idea I was watching it when I was a kid. I was aware when Sailor Moon came around. I did watch Voltron and Transformers during the mid 80s
Started off in the Early Nineties with Robotech and Voltron
Then I saw Macross II, Shadow Skill and Blue Seed on the Action Channel and it just went downhill from there
I remember watching re-runs of old Japanese "cartoons" as I though Mazinger Z, this one about a lion, Voltron, Astroboy etc
Moomin Ikka, Little Mermaid and Peter Pan during the 80s/early 90s. Also Sailor Moon during early 90s.
wtf? never thought ami was a yaoi fangirl...though it makes sense
Started Sailor moon during the 90's. BUt had seen other without knowledge that they were anime before then, such as Speed Racers and this one show I forgot the name of.

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