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What I liked about School Days was the believability of the storyline and how I could relate to the main character.

Spoken like a lying virgin..
in b4 copypasta flood
I'm kind of a slut too OP. Wanna have sex?
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What I liked about Higurashi was the believability of the storyline and how I could relate to the main character.
Sorry, I'm a girl, like everyone else on 4chan.
School Days sucked cocks ..
On the game you can end him with many possible good endings. But the authors really wanted it to be dark, since fucking so many girls and not yet contented with it seems that guy has a problem having a real relationship with a girl. A harem can be at a time, but when jealousy strikes one girl and the other obsession about you. You're gonna end up dead.
What I liked about School Days was all the shitty pastas it spawned, including this one.
Oh wait, no I didn't.
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What I liked aboud Ikkitousen was the derpness of every character and the complexity of the scenario.
I hate anime.

It's usually just a bunch of saucer-eyed bitches and cuddly mascots, but School Daysstruck a cord with me.

I hate anime. Let me say it again: "I hate anime."

However, School Days was different. I could relate to Makoto's loneliness and the relationship between Kotonoha and Makoto is a lot like my own with my girlfriend. School Days is the first anime, no, the first piece of animation to ever make me shed tears.

School Days is one of the greatest anime I had ever had the chance to see. Truly a masterpiece.
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I understood the significance of this scene.
Makoto - I don't like the Anime version! I got killed!
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I'm not ashamed of watching ichigo mashimaro.
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What I liked about Shugo Chara was the believability of the storyline and how I could relate to the main character.
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American censorship is necessary to protect our impressionable youth.
i don't understand this pic, its a forced meme or something?
It's how we tell who visits /jp/ and who doesn't.
I only read christian manga like serenity and shun things like dulce report and akazukin tokyo.
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I hope they don't make a season 3, they ended it well enough.

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