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Hunter J uses flamethrower against forest

Can't any random low-level Pokemon burn down an entire forest at the drop of a hat anyway? Makes you wonder how those fuckers live in nature.

Why would a Fire Pokemon be living in the middle of a forest?
They're Pokemon, they actually try not to destroy their homes. The young ones might start a fire, but there's probably enough water pokemon living in the area to put out medium-sized fires, and if it's a small one, a nearby adult pokemon could probably just stamp it out or throw dirt on it.
Any subs of DP episodes 71-74 yet?

(Hunter J hour episode for 71-72, and then 74 is Pikachu VS Raichu)
have we got rule 34 content of Hunter J yet?
Holy cow what a dick
2 hour long specials back to back, both with threat of death.

Pikachu vs Raichu (with reference to original Lt. Storm VS. Ash battle) was an awesome episode.
You can find Houndour in a grassy field surrounded by trees. One of his pre-learned techniques is Ember. That alone should be enough to set off a forest fire. Imagine what a pack of ill-tempered Houndour can do.

Shit, certain flying types make little tornadoes just scaring up food.

Reference? More like a complete remake.

And Jessie releases her Dustox so he can go off with a different colored female Dustox. Remind you of something?

Or what about when the protective Turtwig joined Ash's team? Or the mistreated Chimchar joined? REMIND you of something?
Are they still on Namek?
It's almost like they are trying to remake the first season
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This is a good thing, surely? First season was the only one that could be considered to have approached 'good'.
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REMAKE has nothing to do with the original.

Besides, that means Pikachu's level NOW is just the same as his level during the original season.

Honestly, I'd have to be a bit pessimistic and say "Shit will suck".

By the way, have they announced when Ash will wake up from his coma yet?
No but i am really excited to see how the real world has shaped up during his 10 comatose years.
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Triponing in a post thread.

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