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Fuck, I just finished reading the rock-paper-scissors battle from jojo part 4 between Rohan and that little punk. The one where people are flying, buildings are breaking, stand powers are being stolen, bystanders jumping into cars and surviving on basis of their 'luck', poses so fabulous that nobody notices anything out of the ordinary, and victory being decided by invisible babies.

Well I think I might just stop reading in general because I'm pretty sure nothing in the history of man's literary output could top that.
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Rohan is one of the best characters ever, seriously.
Why did the main characters have shitty stands in 4 and 5? Somewhat useless powers
probably because it's alot more interesting when people with limited powers have to use brains and smarts to win, instead of generic shonen 'i'm invincible' crap.
why can't they have both. in 3 they had good stands and had to use their brain as well.
Not really, compare the stands:

-Red Magician was strong but not very fast
-Heirophant was weak but had long range, tentacles and emerald splash
-Hermit Purple sucked ass
-Silver Chariot was Jotaru-lite, only even shittier due to what a rampant dumbass Polnareff was
-Fool was interesting and powerful, but the host body was a little doggy

Compared to Part 4:
-Crazy Diamond is super strong and can heal people perfectly
-The hand is super strong, and can cut through space (ridiculously powerful if you think about it)
-Echoes Act 1,2,3 are all unique and pretty versatile in almost any situation (Echoes Act 3 could even take on the Black Sabbath in Part V)
-Heaven's Door can read people's histories and rewrite their personalities
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>>only even shittier due to what a rampant dumbass Polnareff was

That, my friend, is what made him cool.

>>Mista's Bullets (can't remember the stand's name)

see pic
I find your lack of Dio disturbing.
The World and Star Platinum were basically the same animal.

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