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So I just got done watching Simoun, which I began on /a/'s recommendation. *sigh* needless to say, it was disappointing. They took what could have been a fucking awesome show, and sucked all the win right out of it. They had all the perfect elements of the equation: an epic struggle between nations, girl on girl romance, wincest, loliXmature...i can go on. But they failed to deliver on any of them. They only relationship that went anywhere was the initially straight one anyways. Anybody else feel the same way.
I think they stopped paying their writers. The show was fucking awesome during the middle episodes, but then totally fizzled out at the end. They also didn't explain a lot of stuff, or follow any of the possible plot twists that would have been made the viewer shit brix.
you are worthless if you value the garbages of animu culture over refined character development and social critique.
You should have recognised that show is complete shit in the first 2 episodes. God, that anime is aweful.
I thought it was one of the deepest shows since... well shit, a long fucking time, and I'll keep on rewatching it for years to come.

I love how they compared their religion to real-life religion, plus the whole coming of age thing. Also, one of the best anime soundtracks to come out within the last decade. I like how each character added their own little thing to the giant big picture.

Easy 9/10 series for me.

awe full, indeed
It was a bildungsroman, and a good one
>refined character development and social critique.
What little character development there is in this show is forced like a menstrual flow through a tampon

yeah, but I was lured on by the promises of hot yuri action
You wanted a harem show, of course you ended up disappointed.
>But they failed to deliver on any of them.

We must have watched different shows then, because there were TWO yuri GOOD ENDS (if you can call them lesbians, with the gender identity tossed out the window). TWO. That shit never happens.

What are you talking about, Aeru and Neveril became ETERNAL LESBIANS WHO EXIST AT ALL POINTS IN SPACE AND TIME

I mean holy fucking shit!
the only coming of age occured in the last episode when they go to the spring and they change like hitting a lightswitch
Btw, can anyone recommend a good yuri anime where they actually end up together?
Aerou and Neveril were the worst characters of the whole show
None, Japan hates lesbians.
1) Tempus Spatium = latin for time and space

2) Aaeru and Neviril become one with Time and Space, and are liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth and all of the suffering and limitation of worldly existence

>/a/'s recommendation

this is where you went wrong
Caim and Alti hold that title. Hi, we're just plot devices. That other pilot that showed up with 6 episodes to go was a better character than those two.
eh but it seemed so short of all the buildup.

for example:
war ends in a lame ass peace treaty
we never figure out where Amuria is
What the fuck is the deal with Onashia
did the war even solve anything?
You see, it's like Cirno said, everybody has an opinion, but that doesn't mean every person's taste is equal. For some anime, like Simoun, there is a general consensus among those who watched it that the series is very good. An individual's opinion doesn't make an anime good or bad, but consensus does.
I didn't say it was terrible, I just think it could have been way better
26 episodes of lesbian drama, which is like regular drama only lamer. Needed more Makato
Did the war truly end though? That part of the show was basically commenting on war IRL.

Amuria? Those Simoun manipulate time and space. It's obvious she was fucked, and probably fell to her death.

Onashia was just the unlucky bitch who had to watch over everything. At least someone subs for her at the end.
>war ends in a lame ass peace treaty
>did the war even solve anything?
Not every war ends with a big dramatic build-up, or solve anything (hell, war usually creates bigger messes)

>we never figure out where Amuria is
>What the fuck is the deal with Onashia
Fan theory suggests that Amuria is Aer's grandfather, and that Dominura is Onashia (which is a bit of a stretch).

While it would have been nice to have those blanks filled in, they aren't important to Aer and Neviril's relationship, which I thought was the main part of the show.
my learned sensibility in philosophy and social theory makes me a superior judge of animu than kids with teenage aesthetics.
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It really it's an awesome show, but has a lot of non-verbal symbolism which flies right over the heads of some. Japan rates it similar to Evangelion and Utena.

Because of this I can honestly see why some people didn't like SHIMOON.
>> they aren't important to Aer and Neviril's relationship, which I thought was the main part of the show.

how i feel as well. Aaeru and Neviril grew and changed completely by the end up the series, and for the better

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