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Two words, "New Manhattan."

And so begins the slow, painful death of what is arguably the most popular anime film of all time.

Apparently the live-action adaptation of the classic manga and film has been in development by Warner Bros. for quite some time. It's only recently that DiCaprio's company Appian Way, along with Mad Chance, have taken on the task of backing its production.

While we should all realize that lazy American remakes of already great Japanese properties is now an inevitable eventuality, this is still going to sting. While the original film may not be aging so well, the manga is still a masterwork. Seeing it run through a filter, moved to "New Manhattan" which is apparently "a city rebuilt by Japanese money" and essentially gutted of its fundamental groundwork is not only a recipe for disaster, but damn near insulting.

This is bizarro world. What's next? A Japanese film about 9/11 with the towers moved to Osaka?
wasn't this canceled, re-opened, and then canceled again?
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this gonna be cool.. believe me!
I smell copy pasta
This doesn't really bother me. I never liked Akira that much.

The Ghost in the Shell movie will piss me off if they pull this shit, though.

Steven Spielberg says he likes Ghost in the Shell, therefore DreamWorks shall make live action Ghost in the Shell movie. First we have Dragonball, Akira and now this. I guess Marvel is officially running out of franchises to turn into movies.

Code Geass R2

Universal and Sony Pictures were apparently after the license too, but Steven’s star power bagged it for DreamWorks. Avi Arad (former CEO of Marvel Studios), Ari Arad and Steven Paul are producing the movie and Jamie Moss is in-charge of screenplay. I’m guessing Spielberg counts the money.

While Yahoo! News is eager to point out Avi Arad’s involvement in X-men, Spiderman and Fantastic Four, (which I guess are considered good movies by modern standards) I find it an ominous sign that all three producers worked on Ghost Rider together, because that was one of the worst Marvel movie adaptations I have ever watched.

[ Source: Yahoo! News ]
meh, akira wasn't that good if you'd already seen a lot of anime before.
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is there ANY good live action movie?
>>three producers worked on Ghost Rider together
It's over, it's going to suck. Badly.
>>three producers worked on Ghost Rider together

Aw fuck no. That movie sucked so bad i raaaged.
The Mushishi live action movie was surprisingly good, given that it as
1) live action
2) Japanese live action
who let Toby McGuire out of his box and why is he heading the Robotech(lol) movie.

RUINING anime one franchise at a time.
I thought that was 4kids. Or do they do it en masse?

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