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Do the Blassreiter raws on TT include the subs that GONZO did?
No, they're probably the TV raws.

What business do you have watching Blassreiter?
I don't see everyone's problem with it, it's not that bad. Cliche? Sure, but with no fewer than three "fox girl" harem anime this season alone, that doesn't seem to be a reason to dismiss it.
It has decent characters and good CG action, so why all the hate?
Because god forbids anyone on /a/ from watching anything thats not Code Geass
God doesn't exist, fuck your pizza animu.
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The CG is fucking horrible, it's Gonzo AIDS.
Is there a reason for gonzo to upload this series onto sites like youtube, since they are usually against this kind of stuff
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GONZO cg is awesome.
Gonzo agreed, don't bother him about it.
I kind of agree. Aside from the horrendous CG, when I really search myself, I'm not disliking it. It's a good time killer. Also, the little brother's friend kicking his ass for the bullies made me RAGE. So it's not the best this season, but it's not the worst. Special A and Vampire Knight tie for that spot.
they're testing out digital distribution to see whether it's feasible to release anime that way

Blassreiter is awful, stop fooling yourselves.

Also, there's only one fox girl harem anime this season, it's Kanokon.

There's no way in shit Oinari-sama or what the fuck ever is a harem anime, the foxgirl frequently turns into a foxGUY.

And I can't think of any others.

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