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I don't come here very often /a/, but I have a dire problem. You see, at the request of a friend I finally took the time to watch all of Gurren-Lagann. I'm afraid that I've ruined my ability to be entertained by any other anime. I don't thinks it's possible for any future show to be as GAR as GL.
If there is please tell me.
GL is epic GAR nothing can beat it
go into harem/ecchi/hentai now
>>I don't thinks it's possible for any future show to be as GAR as GL.

I disagree with the idea that a mecha could possibly fill me with homosexual lust, but that's beside the point.

You'll be all over Imaishi's cock with his next project, I jumped on the bandwagon with Dead Leaves. It's not really mecha or GAINAX that made that story epic, it was Imaishi and his brillaint staff having an orgasm on paper and us fapping to what we got to see on screen.

If anything, GL was bad because now Gainax is turning into Faggot Incorporated again.
The mechs aren't GAR, Kittan and Kamina were.
maybe you should upgrade your taste idiot and watch something oppositional to your GL impression, like some more serious show with more realistic characters like Evangelion, GitS, Gunparade March, Gundam 00, PlanetES, Rahxephon (if you want something similar genre wise).
Who wants emo/gay realistic characters?
Joe? Is that you?
No Joe that I know.

It sounds like viewing Gurren Lagann has provided you with the greatest thrill of your lifetime. Therefore, I highly suggest that you kill yourself immediately in order to avoid any chance of spoiling the experience. Or better yet, contact every other GL fan you can think of and urge them to join you in mass euthenasia. Do it now, faggot.

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