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Why would Uziga do such a thing?

Lets hope the original author never finds out.
/r/ng Emma imagedump.
>Emma guro
I wonder if I want to see that
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Emma gets her arms and legs removed, chains attached to her stumps, raped mercilessly, and ultimately killed SAVAGELY.
Same here.

I actually remember reading that Waita Uziga is actually a rather handsome man with a wife and kids.

Is there any truth to this?
He also did a Fuuka amputee doujin

Oddly enough, Yotsuba doesn't get molested at all. Guess even she's sacred to Uziga.
He is plain looking. Actually, he looks quite friendly. Has a goofy/nice smile. He seems harmless.

You can see his picture in one of his older works, Undercover Cops.

A warning/blessing: It is not guro, but you can see some elements of what he likes, and Mai-chan acting as a clumsy henchwoman catgirl. Adorable and cute as always.

But Uziga SUCKS at normal comedy, sadly. Or maybe I don't get his humor at all.
Name: Caterpillar!80IlUtbhv6 : 2007-03-16 13:23 ID:0HFI9BGY [Del]

Alright, here goes:



The best part of these, as far as I'm concerned, is that they have a photo of Kubo on the sleeve. And considering Kubo was/is Uziga... It's just kind of cool to see the smiling mug of the dude who went on to draw baby fuck.
Bump for more Emma images.
Name: Caterpillar!80IlUtbhv6 : 2007-04-14 08:56 ID:0HFI9BGY (Image: 852x1200 jpg, 385 kb) [Del]
src/1176566191603.jpg: 852x1200, 385 kb

This is quite amusing. Has a cute girl who looks basically like Mai-chan except she's some kind of ass-kicking magical girl who turns native Americans into pigs, then roasts them. There's also a breakdancing furry. Yep.


So, has anyone played the game this is based on? Any ROMs of it out there? The same goes for UNDERCOVER COPS as well.
here's an azumanga one
did anyone else see the OP and think of "unlimited gardening works?"
All that came to mind was that I felt my heart go al a-flutter.

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