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So what's the deal /a/. We can't have Kojikan threads anymore? Whenever I see it posted, the thread gets deleted
Fucking pedos should all rot in hell.
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leave this place and never return.
mods = GLfags
where's my dvd subs?
wait for the montly KNJ chapter and the serious business on /a/
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She's a tease, and a little misguided, and her guardian is one of the creepiest bastards in print, but i love her

spanish subs
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Pedos cause more drama than even Furries.
I've been banned twice for posting KnJ, hell, last time I was stupid enough to post the picture I got banned for to somebody else, and I got again banned before I could quickly delete it.
I almost feel bad about getting Reiji together with Mimi. Hopefully he would be less of a creepy, obsessive bastard if he wasn't so fixated on Rin's dead mother and Rin.

Kojika means fawn, and that's why this word is used as an ab.
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I saw a friend just the other day
he didn't have too much to say
He looked crazy, he looked insane
He couldn't talk because his tongue was inflamed
And then he tried to run away
From some chick that was coming this way
I think I thought I knew who she was
A little junkie whore that's a big ugly scuz

I didn't have to go to far
Flashed 20 bucks and then she got in the car
Tried to talk to her but she called me a fool
I tried to give her money and put her family through school
Cause she's a real tough mama when she wear's women's clothes
Everybody knows she she's got a bone through her nose

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