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Turn 6 Surprise Attack in the Pacific Ocean 「太平洋 奇襲 作戦」May 11th
To seize the new governor-general of Area 11, the Order of the Black Knights performed a surprise attack. The Britannian Air Force Escort Fleet is totally beaten because of their underestimating the OotBK. Just as a complete victory is at hand, the OotBK is ambushed by a troop of knightmares in air. What will happen to Zero in this chaos?

Turn 7 The Discarded Mask 「棄てられた 仮面」May 18th
Losing the meaning to fight anymore, Lelouch discards the mask and wonders in the streets. Is he going to give up being Zero?
Deep in the night in the empty Ashford Academy, what will Lelouch see?
At the same time, Suzaku is pressing upon the OotBK who's stationed in Tokyo Bay. Is this the end to Zero and the Order?

Turn 8 Miracle/Track/Foundation of a Million 「百万 の キセキ」May 25th
(There's no way to know which is right, since there are too many things called "kiseki" and they didn't give us a kanji. BTW don't ask me what this means. I have no idea either. XD That's all the title says.)
The new governor-general declares the establishment of "Special Administrative District Japan".
This name has became a synonym to the massacre of Princess Euphiemia.
What is the real intention behind this declaration which brings up the nightmare again?
ITT: We make up episode synopsis.
I bet the sauce lied to you.
I'd believe that, if you know what I mean.
Turn 6: Suzaku goes back to Ashford Academy only to be killed by his former physics teacher (along with other physics professors)

Oh God, I would pay to see this.
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Turn 9 Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man makes his debut on the side of JUSTICE.
Stop posting shit like this. Some people like to be surprised when watching their anime.
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took me a minute to understand what you were talking about there.
God dammit, can't you use spoiler tags, Anon?
Source was magazine summaries.
Suzaku defies physics and in turn, his physics teachers. In short, even in that scenario, he can't be killed.
Welcome to /a/!

Hey, you can't ask Spider-man to read the mood.
Nunnally hands over Japan to Lelouch.
i read like 2 lines of this before i realized what was going on.

you are a fucking faggot and need to be b& for the rest of your fail life.
troll 6.5/10
Too bad /a/ is going to ruin the surprise of any upcoming "lolwut" plot twists.

Having it spoiled completely ruins the fun especially since Sunrise relies so heavily on shock value. I'm glad I wasn't on /a/ when I watched the first season or Mai Hime or whatever.
i bet it turns out to be true considering the episode endings were leaked, and look at gundam 00. We got some weird shit that turned out to be true.

I'm about ready to believe anything.
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rolo tries to geass suzaku, but rolo is total fail so as soon as rolo draws a weapon against him, suzaku's LIVE! powers jump-start his brain before rolo can attack

suzaku then spin kicks the little fuck out a window

then suzaku twists the knife into lulu by saying "So Ledouche, my sister Nunnally has been living with me for the past year. She's been doing great. We have a cat." *bastard grin*

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