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Sup /a/. I just finished episode 13 of Welcome to the NHK. Should I continue watching it?

I've heard it starts to go downhill, and I can't imagine it being as interesting now that Misaki isn't as mysterious. So I'm having second thoughts about whether to continue or not.
Watch the last two episodes. The show kind of drags on near where you're at, so just skip it.
what a quitter
Watch it.
I've read the book, read the entire manga and I STILL like the anime, even with a semi-disappointing end which now that I look back on it was actually fine.

So fucking do it.
The manga, faggot
you heard it wrong faggot.

go continue it.
sure, why not
If you can't even handle a basic 24 episode anime, you should gtfo /a/.

Protip: become AN HERO (i should have put that in spoiler tags ;D)
The second half is a huge waste of time. Read the manga instead
For dropping.

Against dropping.

Doesn't care.

The manga has a shitty end too.
Go all the way.

At least watch Tatsuhiro go insane.
It's fine, Satou pays no attention at all to what she said and things more or less go back to the way they were before.
It sort of drags and becomes pretty intensely depressing. It picks up slightly at the end, but it's mostly just bittersweet.

I dunno, I think the series hits a little too close to home for most of us /a/ browsers. For many it does this right way, but it wasn't until this part that I really felt it.

Forgot to say that you should keep watching it.
did satou really think he was fighting a monster in the last episode?

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