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ITT: Elfen Lied

Best anime ever in my opinion.

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Pic related.
ITT: Trolls

Worst troll ever in my opinion.

You're the same one that just made that FMA thread aren't you?
I wish I could help him but he's dug this hole himself.
watch eva.
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It had loli rape in it. Thats about the only redeeming feature.
Get out of that hole, OP. You lived there long enough -_-'
Hey troll.

Try harder.
He could be serious... Meh who am I kidding. But this thread could have much potential...
I don't care what /a/ says. Elfen Lied may have sucked balls in several, severe areas, but the gore in the series entertained me in ways the classic, old-school 80's animes never had. I can't describe why, but as a connoisseur of animated violence, it was absolutely thrilling. Animes these days just don’t have the balls to achieve such a beautiful level of violence these days, with a few rare exceptions like Baccano!, and even that wasn’t this extreme. The animation didn't hurt either. Lucy's escape from the Japanese millitary compound is one of the most memorable scenes I've ever witnessed in an anime.
Elfen Lied also delivered tons of sociological symbolism that you don't need to be in the Tuff Dawgs crowd to have been able to see. You can go “lol deep” all you want about the series, but there were symbolic themes of psychology, sociology and philosophy that animes other than Ghost In The Shell fail to even come close to touching on.
Plenty of very forced-feeling moments and unrealistic character-reactions, but aside from that the series was fucking awesome.

Also, ask yourself this: How can you NOT know you're watching an awesome anime when in the first 10 minutes 45 people are dead and somebody pees themselves?
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I like the part where everyone dies.
The depth of the general story of Elfen Lied is that of racism, ostracization, bullying, ethnic purification, bullying, segregation and domination that has been seen present in humanity since the dawn of time.
"In persecuting those we view as 'inhuman', we thusly become less human than those we persecute". That is the message behind Elfen Lied.
The Nazi Party viewed Jews as sub-human. They ended up committing one of the most revolting inhuman acts in history. The American settlers viewed Native Americans as sub-human. Their slaughter is a scar on the face of history.
Elfen Lied just replaces Jews and Native Americans with Diclonus, and scales their numbers down to individuals rather than entire races as the examples above.

Elfen Lied also presents conflicting visions of good and evil in nearly every facet of human life, showing its opposite extremes.
Science can be used for beneficial purposes such as curing diseases, or it can be used to torture little kids with cruel experimentation in the name progress. Sex can be an expression of love between two individuals coming together, or it can be perverted and used by a pedophile to victimize a child. Lethal weapons (be it guns or Diclonus-arms) and warfare can be used to protect the innocent and save loved ones or murder the innocent and take loved ones away.
All are illustrated in Elfen Lied.
Lucy herself was an example of evil and innocence living in the same body. A monster of bloodlust crafted by the uncaring world around her, and an embodiment of her own lost innocence, both guided to the enlightenment of human emotion through friendship with those around her, eventually becoming truly human in both cognizance and definition, more so than the people in the organization who sought to capture, control, exploit or destroy her.
Pretentious pasta is pretentious.

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