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Comic High! (コミック・ハイ!, Komikku Hai!?) is a Japanese seinen manga magazine pushlished on a monthly basis by Futabasha. It was launched as a special issue of Weekly Manga Action but has since become its own independent monthly anthology. The magazine was first published on March 2, 2004 as the industry's first shōjo manga magazine for males;[1] the official website describes the magazine as "Girlish comics for boys and girls." The magazine is aimed at men between 18 to 35 years old.[2]

[edit] Manga serialized

* Aitama
* Akatsuki-iro no Senpuku Majo
* Arina
* BadeMayo
* Chu-Bra
* Devil na Ebiru
* Girl Friends
* High School Girls
* Hitohira
* Hon Uru Shōjo
* Kodomo no Jikan
* MachiMachi
* Mii-tan
* Mōsō Shōjo Otaku-kei
* My Big Family
* Potemayo
* Sora☆Miyo
* TsubuLala
Were I in Japan, I'd subscribe to it.

Then hide the issues in a safe when anyone comes over.
Young Gangan

Young Gangan (ヤングガンガン, Yangu Gangan?) is a Japanese seinen manga magazine published by Square Enix twice a month, on the first and third Friday.[1] The magazine was first published on December 3, 2004.

Manga featured:

* Amigo x Amiga (Takahiro Seguchi)
* Bamboo Blade (Aguri Igarashi, Masahiro Totsuka)
* Bitter Virgin (Kei Kusunoki)
* Black God (Sung-Woo Park, Dall-Young Lim)
* Dousei Recipe (Towa Oshima)
* Drop Kick
* Hanamaru Yōchien (YUTO)
* Jackals (Kim Byung Jin, Shinya Murata)
* Nikoichi (Renjuro Kindaichi)
manga for "I WISH TO BE THE LITTLE GIRL ;_;" moefags?
Damn it, this is why I was asking about raw magazine torrents; I'd be happy just looking at the pictures.
This is moe, is there a GAR version of this? With manly manga?

>Kodomo no Jikan
>Bamboo Blade


Shonen Jump
Old Shonen Jump, you mean.

Manga mags are categorized based on demographics rather than genre in many cases. One magazine can have romance, comedy, action, drama, etc. with the over-arching connection between them being that they're stories that the editors feel would interest a certain demographic (boys, girls, teenagers, young adults, full adults, etc).

Some are somewhat more genre based. Comic YuriHime is marketed at yuri fans of either gender, for instance, but the stories contained within it can be just as varied as any other magazine as long as they feature girls' love.

So you can have a shonen-like story and a slice-of-life-like story in the same yuri magazine as long as they include some girls making out?

Yes. I think the only really action-based one that's run in it was Tetragrammatron Labyrinth, but there's also been comedy like Strawberry Shake running alongside drama like Simoun.

For a real nice view of how wide a range of stories can go in the same magazine, look at Kodansha's Afternoon. A quick list of series that run or ran in it includes Blade of the Immortal, Ah! My Goddess, Blame!, Shion no Ou and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.
Something like that
Young animal.
>Blade of the Immortal, Ah! My Goddess, Blame!, Shion no Ou and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.

Add Vinland Saga and Genshiken to that.
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>Comic High! (コミック・ハイ!, Komikku Hai!?)

meaning depends on the kanji used. Not the romanisation.
So, out of all the Comic High mangas, only the loli one and the yuri one get regular scanlations?

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