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It is time for another round of /a/ Russian Roulette. For every post hereafter add the picture of your desired girl and check the last number of your corresponding post to see your fate. Once a girl is taken or dead she is afterwards an invalid choice.

1 - One Night Stand: Afterwards you never see or hear from her again. But damn that was a good night. She's still available, but after a few more of these she she might end up kind of loose.

2- Friend Zoned: Just a friendly way of saying you failed. Go kill yourself.

3 - Death: She dies in such a horrible way that tests the very limits on the human imagination. Way to go jerk.

4 - Epiphany: You come to the sudden realization of how sad and pathetic your lusting after an imaginary girl is. Go do something productive with your life. If you have already resigned yourself to this then by all means try again.

5 - OP wins: Character becomes a willing and eager part of my harem. Just to rub it in we have wild, hot and steamy sex right in front of you. You're power less to do anything about it. (Backfire it on me if you dare)

6 - Death MK.II: This time you die. Way to go loser.

7 - Good End: It's True love! Enjoy your happy ending and congratulations.

8 - Truth: Turns out you are actually a raging homosexual. Get your ass over to /y/.

9 - Good end?: Take a second to seriously consider your choice. Does it work? Could you really deal with this girl's personality? If so concratulations. If not, enjoy your beatings, death, or wallowing in the dungeons of tedious drama.

0 - Nothing: Nothing happens. Maybe because you are a cowardly and useless individual. Try again if you have to.

GET (#00, #000, ad nauseum)- God Mode: Alter reality at your whim. Keep your current girl, steal or resurrect any one girl you want.
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This was old in the first thread
I think every thread should be a 'lol post numbers r luck lolz' thread, just because then we know /a/ just can't get any worse.
OP: You are late, delete this shit.

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Fuck it, post moar Kyonko

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