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Hello, /a/. let me tell you
I just got a call from a friend of mine - we go to university together. She's a big anime fan like me and she's participating in an upcoming anime con in our area. She asked me to take her home after the con ended, because she's apparently scared of being outside alone so late at night. Know what I did, /a/? I told her I won't be going to the con because I have to see my mother off at the airport. Well, true, my mother IS leaving on that very day, but I know very well that I could have easily asked my sister to see her off. But I didn't. Now I'm not going to the con and not getting to walk a girl home. All because the first thought that ran through my mind after her request was:
"3D is pig disgusting"

The same as before.

Technically you never had a life either, you just had an opportunity for life, which you spoiled. JUST LIKE I FUCKING DID.
Just call the girl and say you're participating in teh con after all because you're actually more interested in the convention and her than your mother and ask your sister to see your mother off? Or lie about your mother's trip getting cancelled or something if you're too weeaboo.
than in your mother, fuck the typos.

or 4ch or whatever
regardless, she's still a friend. might as well help her out.
You have chosen wisely. I'd say a good 90% of Anons have never been in a situation like this but I have and I can say real women aren't worth it.

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