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What manga/anime does /a/ watch/read for action?
I've gotten older and now I just hate most anime, such as bleach. (I still give bleach a shot from time to time simply to see if it's an episode where Ichigo goes the bleach equal of "super sayajin"

Anyway right now I'm reading click(when I get the chance), and a non-anime book called Night watch. I didn't realize it was a trilogy when I watched the movie sequal to this book "Day watch"

I digress. I've been reading non-anime because of my change in taste and nothing's been doing it for me, I plan on giving the FLCL manga a shot since I'm sure it's as good as the anime was.
OP here to give a brief description for those not familiar with it.

Sexist male korean(I think) highschool student one day starts changing into a girl one day during puberty, it's a semi slow change though. I'm reading it in hopes of shoujoai romance with a TG element being a transgender IRL.
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What is this faggotry?
>What manga/anime does /a/ watch/read for action?

Code Geass.
/y/ is there for a reason.
Eh the only scantalation sites I have at this time are for lesbian mangas and not too many of them are fighting mangas (none). So I'm coming here begging for a few suggestions, or maybe a link to a scant site that does some good ones.
Post has nothing to do with yaoi.
Fuck this.

Taking a guess this one's a diff person.
>>10294178 I'd like some quick suggestions so I don't have to sit around here bothering you with my presence for a week.

OP fix'd, more suggestions nao?
Depends. You don't say how much "older" you are, or what kind of anime you liked before you went all worldly-wise and jaded. I can only mention some of my own favorites:

Haibane Renmai
Eureka Seven
Yakitate Japan
Honey and Clover
Last Exile
Asatte no Houkou
Black Heaven
Seirei no Moribito
Nodame Cantabile

Those are pretty diverse in theme, so there might be at least one there that you might go for.
Thank you, I was actually about to mention said topic before I started getting flamed. I'm about to turn 19 and I was going to list I like stuff like Berserk, FLCL, Cowboy bebop..

And I had just remembered I haven't read like the last five volumes of berserk they've released. One I'll definitely have to hop on.

Thank you, Anon.

I actually have seen part of Black Heaven and enjoyed it, so I look forward to checking out your other suggestions. Thanks again.
Eh if it weren't for Berserk on that list I'd feel like one of those 15 year old's that only watches Adult Swim after re-reading that short list of shows.

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