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Ok, just finished Gurren Lagann. I must say, it wasn't bad at all. Had some good meaning I suppose. The character development was awesome.

But my question is, what to watch next?

Before Lagann I watched all of Dennou Coil, loved it.

Lately it seems I will watch the first few episodes of a series and get bored and not want to watch anymore. Help please, /a/.
Only Baccano! can tame a man's spirit after Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

I watched the first episode of Baccano! and it somewhat captured my attention. About how far into the series does it start to become entertaining?
The next step up from Gurren Laggen is Lucky Star, followed by Berserk, then Code Geass.

Lucky Star? Isn't that the anime with the little blue haired girls? No thanks...

I'm already caught up with Berserk.

Code Geass... not a big fan of CLAMP mecha...
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Nia takeover!
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Mindgame (or Mind Game)

Great film by Masaaki Yuasa, if you haven't already seen it.

If you're looking for series, watch Kemonozume - Also by Yuasa.

You should read this next, best GL doujin ever!
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In b4 the usual "Yoko>Nia", "Nia>Yoko" argument and GhostNia meltdowns.

Yeah, Mind Game was awesome.
I prefer to call them "Happy breakdowns."

It's actually pretty weak-sauce as "BAD END" doujinshi go.


Nia > Yoko
CLAMP didn't write Code Geass. They just did the character designs.
File: 1205728564208.jpg (84 KB, 426x600)
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And c'mon, my only meltdown was in that thread with that retarded guy claiming Nia as having no actual personality. Still makes me RAGE to this day.

Even so, Mecha anime just isn't interesting to watch. I'm not even sure why I liked Gurren Lagann...
yeah, actually, code geass is pretty shitty anyways.

File: 1205728671936.jpg (104 KB, 750x750)
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Even her visual design is full of personality!
File: 1205728751545.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720)
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I watched the first 4 episodes of Kaiji but stage6 went offline and I haven't bothered looking for another place to keep watching.

It was decent, it made watching rock, paper, scissors somewhat entertaining. About as much as it could possibly be...
Everything about Nia screams generic.
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Hey question OP. Which group's subs did you watch this series with? Got a good recommendation?
So I take it you've seen Mindgame and Kemonozume?

Windy Tales

Take your pick, they're all good. (Patlabor is mecha)

Everything about Kamina screams generic.
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Oh yes, and obviously everyone on /a/, including me, is nuts about Kaiji. Watch immediately and follow along with us, if you're not already.

Everything about your troll scream generic.
Whats with all these people "Just" finishing up TTGL, theres like one thread every day with people "Just" finishing up.


That's unexpected of you, Cirno.
2nd for Baccano!

I'm still looking for a GL replacement. I've been filling time with Kaiji and Spice&Wolf, but neither is as satisfying to watch as GL. I'll give Dennou Coil a try; a lot of GL fans seem to be giving propps, so why not.

Lucky Star is good, but nothing like GL. Slice o life ain't for the easily bored, so if you are then LS is only good if you're a pedo.
haha Simoun
that was unexpected

Why is she such a-zzzzz...

Not generic, Archetypal. There's a difference.
Why is it unexpected? ヽ(;´Д`)ノ

Personality and development! Oh god my sides!
I don't know
I've never seen it

just going off what other people ahve said about it
also lesbian genderbending mecha seems to throw off a lot of people

did it even have mecha?

Care to make an actual point? Rather than just lazily trolling, I mean.
It did not have mecha. More like flying seashells? Yes, that's a good way to describe it.

They pilot flying seashells that they use to fire beams by drawing pictures in the sky. They use these beams to talk to God. Also kill things.

If this sounds weird, that's because it is.

Weren't you supposed to enjoy only "AWESOMELY ANIMATED" shows?
But I like Cromartie High School.

That's "CREATIVE LOW-BUDGET", Simoun is just low-budget.
for low budget, it had some great music

needed more canon yuri though (yes, more)
Confession: I have written most of the pro-Nia copy-pastas.
Great, Cirno's endorsed Simoun, now our peaceful 3-person threads will recieve even more of a buffeting.

Certainly there was creative use of limited funds in the series. It can't help but show sometimes of course but you're selling it short.

And now, back to Anonymous. You'll recognize me anyway.
The directing saved Simoun from being a low-budget catastrophe.
Hell, they could have made it with just still shots and it would have been just as enjoyable.
If you haven't seen it yet watch Gunbuster(Aim for the top), then Diebuster(Aim for the Top 2).
Higurashi no naku koro ni.
I live for these moments. You have given me a resounding belly-laugh! My day is complete!

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